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1984: Characters


1984: Characters


-winstons secret sweetheart
-member of anti-sex leugue
-operate in fiction department of the ministry of truth
-against the celebration, however doesn’t have significant viewpoints
-sexually rebels
-takes makeup, chocolate, and so on from inner celebration


-huge brother’s old associate
-supposed leader of the brotherhood


-obrians trusted servant
-liason in between Winston and Obrien
— another fake member of the brotherhood


-Winston’s old other half
— celebration zealot, saw sex as” [their] duty to the party”
— hated by winston

Mr. Charrigton

-owner of antique store where Winston gets note pad and paperweight
— allows Winston and Julia to stay in above apartment
-privately member of the thought cops

Huge Bro

— mustached face of the celebration
-face marked on coins and on telescreens
-never seen in truth

Mr. Parsons

-winstons neighbor
-forced out from youth league, stayed on spies, leading figure on sports committee, appears every evening at community center.
-has children who are exceptionally instilled with celebration ideals
-children eventually turn him in for talking in his sleep
— Winstons sees him in prison


-friend of Winstons
-operate in the record department
-vaporized for keeping the word “God” in a poem


-large, course face
-Winstons gleam of hope, as Winston believes he belongs of the resistance against the celebration
-eventually welcomes Winston to his house and gives him the books
-celebration captured him a long period of time ago
-ends up abusing Winston in the misistry of love


-large chinless male Winston saw in jail
-tried to provide food to another prisoner and was penalized


— utilized to be mener of inner part however then was charged for treason
— went along with James and Aaronson
— one piece of evidence versus party, was in photo


-very orthodox party member
-designes newspeak, working on brand-new edition of newspeak dictionary
-Winston anticipates he will be vaporized since he knows too much
— eventually is vaporized, Winston doesn’t see his name on the list

Mrs. Parson

— Mr. Parson’s better half
-very nervous, seems scared of her kids
-has party-obsessed children
-has routine of stopping her sentences in the center

Winston SMith

-main character
-covertly dislikes party, external party member
-suffers from varicose veins
-works in the records dep of the ministry of reality
-keeps illegal journal, separated by a grain of dust/dirt
— has prohibited fan
— ultimately gets tortured and thrown into room 101
— by the end of the book: likes big sibling

settings of 1984

— London: city Winston lives in
-Oceania: nation Winston resides in
-Eurasia: 1st/original opponent of oceania
-Eastasia: second/original opponent of Oceania
-Ministry of Reality: where Winston works
-Ministry of Love: where Winston is tortured

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