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1984 – Dark, Depressing And Pessimistic World


1984– Dark, Dismaying And Pessimistic World

George Orwell develops a dark, dismal and downhearted world where the government has full control over the masses in the unique 1984. The protagonist, Winston, is low-level Celebration member who has grown to frown at the society that he resides in. Orwell portrays him as an individual that begins to lose his peace of mind due to the tightness of society. There are just two possible results, either he becomes more effectively taken in or he produces the modification he desires.

Winston starts a journey towards his own self-destruction. His first bold act is the journal where he writes “Down With Big Brother.But he goes even more by having an affair with Julia, another party member, leasing a space over Mr. Carrington’s antique store where Winston conducts this affair with Julia, and by following O’Brien who claims to have connections with the Brotherhood, the anti-Party movement led my Emmanuel Goldstein. Winston and Julia are both eventually arrested by the Thought Authorities when Mr. Carrington ends up being a undercover officer. They both eventually betray each other when O’Brien carries out abuse upon them at the Ministry of Love.

Orwell communicates the restrictions of the specific when it concerns doing something significant like overthrowing the established hierarchy which is translucented the futility of Winston Smith’s actions that end with his failure instead of the end of Huge Bro. Winston’s objective of liberating himself turns out to be hopeless when the people he relied on end up betraying him and how he was arbitrarily controlled. It can be viewed that Winston remained in fact worried more about his own sanity and physical well-being because he provides into Big Sibling after he is tortured and becomes content to live in the society he disliked so much.Winston witnesses the weakness within the prole community since of their inability to comprehend the Celebration’s functions but he himself embodies weak point by sabotaging himself by relating to all the wrong individuals and by just falling into the arms of Big Brother. Orwell developed a world where there is no use but to take in from Winston’s point of view making his struggle absolutely helpless. Orwell shows the Party has taken stringent measures in order to keep the recognized status quo that suppresses most of Oceania.They have actually shaped and constructed history so that children grow up as servants to the celebration.

Propaganda specifying how abundant and flourishing Oceania is the news of the day although genuine conditions reveal structures are shabby and resources are sparse. The standard of life in Oceania is way below contemporary circumstances in London and the United States. Those in the Inner-Party nevertheless have much more than the proles. Oceania in truth is a stratified society where the lines are plainly drawn. Winston himself is a low level Celebration member which naturally makes him envious towards those who are above him.His disobedient mentality is most likely a typical dealing for the Celebration. Tele-screens are all over the location and function as a method to relay messages from the Celebration or monitoring against anti-Party acts.

In order to avoid the exchange of concepts with people from other locations the illusion of consistent war is maintained. Occasionally the Party modifications which country we are going to war with however the main goal is to combine individuals versus a common enemy. This helps keep the masses distracted away from the Celebration’s social and political control which is what is really oppressive.When you can be abducted in night by a police force for writing in a diary you understand you live in a program where the federal government has excessive control. Everywhere Winston turned he went through the tightness set on him mentally and physically by the Party. Winston visit’s the prole district which is a shady and wild. He is really distanced from them.

The people there represent the lower sector of society and are impoverished. When Winston goes and see’s the proles in their setting he sees how they live out their lives without any instructions towards improvement.However, they need to play an important role in order for the Celebration to ever be defeated given that they make up such a large bulk. The proles live in ignorance of how the Party manages them into being patriotic. They have no desires to free themselves and are oblivious of their real power. The proles need to be the ones questioning the status quo however it is Winston who carries their plight rather. Orwell illustrated the Celebration as such a powerful force with the posters all over that say “Huge Bro is Enjoying” and that shown to be real in Winston’s case.

Even in the prole’s district he is not safe as seen when he is caught in Mr. Carrington’s shop. Winston’s inability to connect with the prole neighborhood successfully was an imperfection because they are the group of individuals that can share the exact same interest as him. Yet the way he hurried into things with O’Brien prevented his possibilities of organizing a transformation. The character of O’Brien intrigues Winston due to the fact that he represents the type of man that Winston desires end up being. However, we discover at the end that he is simply a pawn of the Party and had played Winston all along.Ironically, Winston becomes much like O’Brien however not in the way in which he expected.

At first O’Brien is shrouded in mystery and Winston perceives him has a connection to the resistance. It is through O’Brien that Winston hopes to discover the essential actions in order to overthrow Huge Bro. O’Brien pretends to be tied to the resistance by offering Winston a piece of literature composed by Goldstein that promotes for a revolution by the proles against Huge Brother. Winston gives O’Brien the blind loyalty as if O’Brien is his only hope. It was absurd for him to trust O’Brien so much offered the society that he lives in.Winston showed so much paranoia as translucented how he hid himself from the Tele-screen in his home when he wrote in his journal. Winston required to have more individuals that were reliable in his life so that they could help him in reaching his goals.

Nevertheless, the Celebration took numerous measures so that it was really difficult to form the essential levels of trust in order arrange an innovative group. Mr. Carrington eventually winds up belonging to the Thought Cops and help O’Brien and the Party in their apprehension of Winston and Julia. During this procedure the fear of physical harm is strong.Winston is recurring in his mind that if he harmed or threatened enough physically he will give in to anything the Party asks of him. This demonstrates the failure that the individual has in getting rid of the Celebration because self-preservation bypasses moral convictions whens it comes to Winston and Julia. They both blame one another when they are separated from each other and administered torture.

When Winston is threatened by a cage of vicious rats its is enough for him to renounce his anti-Party sentiments and declare his love for Big Brother to O’Brien. Winston ends up being a broken servant to the Celebration just like O’Brien. The Party forces Winston into sending in such a regular and structured way that it implies the performance of their mind control is through repeating. They must have established a coercive plan and exercised on individuals such as Winston lot of times previously. Winston’s mission to totally free himself from the chain’s of Big Sibling ends up being even more futile in this light when O’Brien points that he too once desired Big Brother to crumble. By the end of the unique, Winston does not achieve anything that decreases the power of Huge Bro and the Party.He does not lead any transformation or rally any soldiers.

The proles do not become informed on the possibility of revolution. Winston is abducted by the Idea Cops prior to anything of that nature occurs. The sphere of the power of the Celebration’s control is realized when the majority of the people that Winston relied on end up being secret representatives. Mr. Carrington and O’Brien both end up being spies for the Party instead of being drivers for revolution. Winston himself thought that for each thought that showed up in his mind that broke Huge Sibling the Idea Cops were a growing number of most likely to arrest him.This sense of inevitability is developed in the beginning when Winston is writing in his diary and reaffirmed when O’Brien calls out Winston for befriending him despite the fact that there were reasons to be hesitant.

Winston essentially betrayed his own ideas throughout the novel. When Winston is brainwashed, he loses his revolutionary tendencies as seen when he loses his sexual feelings towards Julia. His passionate sexual affair was based off of enjoyment and that went against the Party’s stance on sex.The readers understand how ridiculous and futile Winston’s resistance was because the Party itself was too strong to be removed by just one person. The actual power of the Party is so strong that it managed Winston into his own demise prior to he knew it. He was fixed before he had the ability to organize and establish the proles as a violent force versus the Celebration. Orwell’s 1984 is a helpless story.

The rebellious attitude of Winston is easily beat through using physical browbeating. When Winston was being cooped he only had 2 choices, either pass away or succumb to Huge Brother.The thought that his death would have no impact on the huge image even more stimulates the despondence of his battle. It is then recognized how outrageous his journey truly was because at the minute of his abuse the only thing he could have done was accept Big Brother. The people he had trusted all showed to be useless and he had no time at all to educate the proles about the repressive control of the Celebration. Winston’s story becomes irrelevant in the overlying fight in between the Party and the proles because absolutely nothing emerges. At the end Winston ends up being assimilated and Oceania remains unchanged.

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