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1984 George Orwell Resistance of the Protagonists


1984 George Orwell Resistance of the Protagonists

The Resistance of Winston and Julia In his novel ‘Nineteen Eighty 4’, George Orwell developed a brand-new world which is divided into 3 global super-states after an international war. The novel takes place in Oceania, which is one of these super-states. There are 3 parts of the social system; the upper-class Inner Party, the middle-class Outer Celebration and the lower class Proles, who make up 85 percent of the population and represent the working class, in other words; Big Brother; the party leader at leading, the celebration in the center and the proles at the bottom.

The government; the Party, controls the population through four government ministries; Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Love and Ministry of Truth. The personal and the general public lives of individuals are monitored by the telescreens. The lead character Winston Smith belongs to Outer Celebration. Given that he grew up throughout the revolution and the civil war, he can clearly keep in mind how it was like prior to the revolution. This truth makes him keep unfavorable thoughts towards the Celebration and Big Brother. He keeps a journal of these ideas about the Celebration which if found by the Thought Police would require death.

One day a dark haired lady hands Winston a note reading ‘I love you.’ She is Julia who repair work the Ministry’s unique composing makers. Before then, he always believed that she is a spy for the Inner Party. However with the note she hands him, he does not resist and they begin a love affair. They initially meet in the nation, then they rent a room above antiques store where they think they are safe and alone without knowing the Idea Authorities have actually discovered their disobedience and had actually been spying on them for a long time. Julia was essential for Winston, because the Celebration views marital relationship as a car for producing kids to serve the party.

Sexual desire is disobedience. However with Julia, Winston feels various. Sexual relations with Julia is not mechanical, it is psychological. ‘Sexual relations was to be searched as a somewhat horrible minor operation, like having enema’. (part 1, chapter 6, page 69) Winston thinks that the Brotherhood has actually interacted with him when the Inner Celebration member, O’Brien approaches him. O’Brien gives him, the leader of the Brotherhood; Emmanuel Goldsteins’ book, which explains the war and the slogans WAR IS PEACE, LIBERTY IS SLAVERY, LACK OF KNOWLEDGE IS STRENGTH.

Winston checks out the book again and once again. He wants to discuss some possible orderly rebellion against the celebration and share some parts of the book with Julia but it appears difficult. Julia does not think in the existence of the Brotherhood. Julia does not think the war is real. She thinks that it is made up by the Celebration to keep the people terrified. In her viewpoint, the Party fires the bomb on London themselves. However Winston thinks that she does not appreciate discovering the genuine reality. She only questioned the teachings of the Party when they in some method discussed her own life. Typically she was all set to accept the main mythology, just since the difference in between fact and fraud did not appear important to her’. (part2, chapter 5, pg: 154) Even though Julia is not interested, Part 2 is the most positive section of the book given that it analyzes the chance of the survival of human relationships, hopes and Winston’s rebellion. The members of the celebration are shown as cold and impersonal, relationships are a matter of duty instead of love and love.

But the Proles-the lower causes- are revealed as having warmth and humanity. ‘All over stood the same solid unquerable figure, made monstrous by work and childbearing, toiling from birth to death and still singing. Out of those naughty lions, a race of mindful beings need to one day come’. The mankind of the Proles and their possible function in a future is duplicated throughout the book. ‘If there is hope, it lies in the Proles’. Also the Proles make up about 85 percent of the population and the Celebration does not really pay any attention to them.

However still, Winston understands that this hope has a very little possibility due to the fact that the Proles are passive and ignorant and anything he has ever seen a group of Proles get distressed over is a scarcity of tin saucepans. ‘Up until the ended up being conscious, they will never rebel and till after they have rebelled they can not become conscious’. (Part 1, chapter 3, pg:74) Winston searches for out the factors behind the Celebration’s mind control. ‘The liberty is to state that two plus two makes 4. If that is granted, all these follows’. (part 1, chapter 7, pg:84)

Winston and Julia discuss the inevitability of their capture. If caught by the Idea Authorities, they should not betray each other. Both comprehend, they will be made to admit andsay anything the Party wishes, but as long as they do not stop liking each other, two will not have genuinely betrayed each other. The Celebration can not make you stop enjoying someone. ‘It’s the one thing they can not do. They can make you state anything, anything, but they can’t make you think it. They can’t get in you’. (Part 2, chapter 7, pg:167) One day, the thought authorities records Winston and Julia in their bed room.

They provide them to the Ministry of Love for interrogation. They see Charrington, the store keeper who leased the room to them, in the Ministry of Love. He exposes himself as an officer in the Thought Cops. After some mental torture to Winston, O’Brien participates in his cell and admits that is a spy for the Celebration and lets the guard in to beat Winston. During a torture session, his imprisonment in the Miniluv is discussed; ‘There are three phases in your reintegration’ stated O’Brien.’ There is learning, there is understanding and there is approval’ of the Celebration’s reality.

Throughout re-education, Winston confesses and admits all the crimes that he devoted or not consisting of Julia. In the second phase of re-education, Winston admits: ‘I have not betrayed Julia’ means in spite of his criminal confession, Winston had actually not stopped liking her. When Winston suddenly awakens, shrieking ‘Julia! Julia! Julia! My love! Julia! ‘, O’Brien get in but not to question this time. To send him to Room-101, the Miniluv’s the majority of feared space where the detainees biggest fear is forced on them, the last action in political re-education; acceptance.

When the Winston’s biggest worry rats will devour his face, frantically screams ‘Do it to Julia, not me! ‘. In his moment of fear, ultimately abandons his love for Julia. After acquiring what he desire, O’Brien ends the tortures and Winston is reintegrated to society, persuaded to accept the Celebration’s doctrine and to enjoy Huge Brother. After reintegration to Oceanian society, Winston encounters Julia in a park where each admits having betrayed the other and that betrayal changes an individual. ‘But it was all right, whatever was all right. The battle was completed. He had actually won the victory over himself. He enjoyed Big Bro’. (pg:300)

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