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1984: Part Three Study Guide


1984: Part 3 Research Study Guide

What are we told is in “Space 101”?
Individuals are horrified of being taken there, but no one really understands what’s in there– it harbors our worst worries, or “the worst thing on the planet,” according to O’Brien
Two times, Winston states that he feels no love for Julia– do you think him?
It appears unlikely, offered his sensations for her, and says more about the methods of the Celebration to reeducate him
Is it real that all Winston can feel is fear as he awaits the guards to come for him in his cell?
His love for Julia is deep and genuine, and real, and he’s doing his best to hide it from the telescreen, however he definitely is afraid also
What does O’Brien indicate when he informs Winston not to trick himself, that he knew it, and people like him “have always understood it”?
He means that Winston thinks O’Brien to be a member of the Thought Cops, and that Winston wished to get captured
After the preliminary poundings, what happens to Winston?
O’Brien questions him with a device that sends electrical shocks through Smith’s body, and decides if and when Winston can eat
How does Winston describe O’Brien in Chapter 2 of Part 3?
He describes him as “the protector, he was the inquisitor, he was the pal”
What are Winston’s sensations towards his interrogator?
Regardless of what O’Brien has actually done to him, Winston still feels that he and O’Brien have a bond that goes deeper than relationship, and that O’Brien comprehends him
The things of O’Brien’s interrogation is not to get a confession or to penalize Winston– what IS the item?
O’Brien needs to get Winston to genuinely and completely think in the Celebration’s variation of reality
According to the Party, what is the answer to the formula “2 +2= “?
According to the Party– at least during Winston’s interrogation– 2 +2=5.
What is the reason O’Brien offers as to why the Party is attempting to change Winston if they’re simply going to shoot him anyway?
Winston is a “flaw in the pattern,” according to O’Brien, and states that “it is excruciating to us [them] that incorrect thoughts should exist”– to put it simply, the Party can not stand that someone must think besides the manner in which they desire them to
Winston Smith is informed that if he is enabled to live, he will never ever once again “be capable of normal human feelings”– do you believe that’s true?
Appears difficult that a human might live and not continue to have common human feelings, but the Party is working extremely hard to MAKE it real
What scary concern does Winston be reluctant to ask?
“What’s within Room 101?”
Considering that O’Brien describes that “everybody” understands what is inside Space 101, what do you think it is?
Some sort of universal or individual abuse space, more than most likely
What literary device is being used in O’Brien’s description of Room 101?
Foreshadowing, considering that it seems clear that Winston will eventually be taken to Room 101
What does O’Brien tell Winston about Goldstein’s book?
The descriptions in the book are true, however the concept that the proles will ever revolt is “nonsense”
Who wrote Goldstein’s book?
O’Brien wrote it as part of a group
When Winston is asked why he thinks the Party clings to power, what does he believe in answer?
He believes that O’Brien will state it is due to the fact that the typical male will not survive if the Celebration is not in power
Why does the Party hold on to power in O’Brien’s view?
“The Party looks for power entirely for its own sake.”
What does O’Brien’s response to the question about why the Party looks for power inform us about Orwell’s view on why police states exist?
Orwell suggests through O’Brien that totalitarian governments like Nazism and Stalinism exist since of a specific or a group lusting for total power
When O’Brien makes remarks in description of reality and the laws of nature, does he seem illogical or insane?
His face is “filled with a sort of exaltation” due to the fact that his only belief is the Celebration’s belief– while he sounds illogical, his remarks are rational given his goals of attaining total power for the Celebration
A typical motif in the book is that if people were provided the option in between being “delighted, however not free” or “free, but not pleased,” would they choose to be “delighted, but not totally free”? Which do you think they would select?
It’s a great question, and it’s tough to understand, however here in our society it would appear that many would select to be “free, but not delighted,” right?
O’Brien says, “This drama that I have actually played out with you throughout these seven years will be played out over and over once again, generation after generation.” What is he stating?
First of all, O’Brien has actually trapped Winston Smith; secondly, those in power will continue to control enemies of the State no matter for how long it takes
What does Winston say will eventually cause the Celebration to stop working?
Winston states the spirit of male will trigger the fall of the Party
When Winston suggests something that will trigger the Party to fail, how does O’Brien respond?
He shows Winston his own broken body, and appears to be telling Winston that broken men such as he can not hope to succeed in damaging the hold of the Party
What turns out to be Winston’s only redemptive quality?
Winston has actually kept true to his word to Julia about not betraying her
What does O’Brien’s thoughtful take a look at Winston in Chapter 3 suggest about the future?
Winston has actually not betrayed Julia, but it seems clear that, at some time, the Celebration will discover a method to make Winston pick himself over her, completing his transformation from a private to a loyal, unthinking member of the group
How is it clear in Chapter 4 that Winston has now “capitulated” (stopped withstanding) nearly completely?
He believes in the Party’s ability to manage nature, the past, science, and mathematics
What tells us that Winston still retains a shred of individuality in Chapter 4?
The only freedom he will have, if he can do it, is to pass away disliking the Party– this idea shows that he retains some degree of individuality
Though Winston appears near to finish capitulation in Chapter 4, he does something, perhaps in his sleep, that reveals what remains in his inner heart– what is it?
He weeps out Julia’s name, and his love for her
What does Winston expose to O’Brien after Winston is overheard sobbing out Julia’s name?
Winston confesses to O’Brien that he dislikes Huge Sibling
Why is O’Brien taking Winston to Room 101 at the end of Chapter 4– what is he attempting to achieve?
O’Brien desires to convert Winston’s heart, in addition to his mind, and he desires Winston to enjoy Huge Sibling absolutely, without idea and without reservation
What is in Space 101 as explained by O’Brien?
“The thing that remains in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.”
What would be the worst thing in the world for Winston?
Rats … Winston has a deep-seated worry of rats
What happens in Winston’s hallucinations in Chapter 5?
He is alone in the desert, and after that becomes “blind, defenseless, mindless”
How does Winston conserve himself in Space 101?
He cries out that they do it to Julia instead of him, therefore betraying Julia and offering his heart and mind to the Party
What is the scene in Chapter 6 meant to remind the reader of?
The scene in the Chestnut Coffee shop should advise the reader of the time that Winston saw the three traitors there, functioning as he is now
As Winston watches the reports on the telescreen about the invasion of Africa by Eurasia, what is clear in his response in his head?
Though he has surrendered his mind, this recommends that there might be spots deep inside him in which he has actually not surrendered his heart
In addition to physically, how else has Winston altered considering that his arrest?
His mind wanders and he does little thinking– he never believes criminal ideas
When Winston and Julia talk in the Chestnut Coffee shop, neither seems to have a fear of the police– why?
Given that both are now safe, the authorities don’t have much interest in them
How do Julia and Winston feel about each other as the book pertains to an end?
They are no longer thinking about one another, each having actually betrayed the other, and they no longer can feel love due to the fact that of the method they were broken
What is the significance of the repeated poem near the end of the book?
The second line of the poem restates that both of the previous fans offered the other out in order to conserve themselves, and makes Winston start to cry
What is conveyed in Winston’s ideas as he enjoys the news on the telescreen in the cafe?
While Winston once had hatred for Huge Bro, he now has a warm regard for the leader, though he still seems to include some reservations
What occurs to Winston at the very end, according to the storyteller of the story?
Winston has been entirely recovered
What is indicated in the next-to-last paragraph?
Now that he entirely and unequivocally has given up his heart to Big Sibling, Winston will be executed
According to the phrasing of the last paragraph of the book, who has won– O’Brien or Winston Smith?
Plainly, Winston has actually offered himself to Big Brother in heart and mind, so O’Brien has won
Would you say that the book’s ending represents for Orwell a positive or pessimistic view for the future of our society?
Despite the fact that Winston says that the Celebration will someday be defeated by the spirit of man, the book ends with Winston no longer disliking Huge Sibling or the Party, so it is likely that Orwell sees no hope for society
Do you think that the society Orwell composed of in “1984” was one he thought was unavoidable?
The majority of critics see this unique as a cautionary tale that could become reality if society is not careful
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