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4 Themes of the Odyssey and Oedipus Rex


4 Styles of the Odyssey and Oedipus Rex

Style 1: Love for your family (or house) 1. (Homer’s the Odyssey) In the Odyssey, Odysseus spends ten years trying to go home to Ithaca. Odysseus left the Trojan War with the frame of mind and hopes of returning house. Although he wanted to go home to Ithaca lots of obstacles faced him. He fought versus the Cyclops, survived against Poseidon’s rage, left the Island of Calypso, and lots of other risks just to come home. Odysseus endured through all of the hardships simply to return house to his family and city. 2. The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Oedipus at Colonus, antithesis) When Oedipus’ boys (Polyneices and Eteocles) discover of their daddy’s past they eliminated him far from Thebes. They were disgusted by what he had done and picked requiring him to leave his city. With this they disrespected their father and even their own home of Thebes. Polyneices and Eteocles agreed their uncle, Creon who brought Thebes to its failure. This caused them to once again disrespect their daddy, Oedipus and injure Thebes. 3. (The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Oedipus at Colonus) Once Oedipus was eradicated from Thebes his child Antigone stays by his side.

She exists to assist him and keep him safe. She stays with him till the very end and never quits on her father. Antigone leads Oedipus to Colonus where the two are treated with respect and honor. When Oedipus “passes away” Antigone is devastated and heartbroken without him. She wanted to go see her dad, however she is prohibited to do so. 4. (Homer’s the Odyssey, reverse) The suitors who remained at Odysseus home while he was lost at sea were rude to him, his household, and his home. They tried to wed Penelope, however ignored her wishes to stick with Odysseus.

The suitors consumed all of Odysseus cattle and food and also disrespected those who worked for him. They also disobeyed Penelope and Telemachus’ word when informed what to do. The suitors made a mess of Odysseus home and also his household. 5. (Homer’s the Odyssey) When Odysseus got back to Thebes he was pleased to see his swineherd, Eumaios stayed loyal after all of his years of being method. Eumaios continued to take care of his sheep and protect them from the self-centered suitors. When asked of Odysseus he spoke extremely of his master.

Eumaios likewise helped Odysseus get in to his home and win Penelope back from the suitors. Odysseus later on rewarded Eumaios with wealth and a spouse. 6. (Homer’s the Odyssey, antithesis) The cowherd, Philoetius and the goatherd, Melanthius ended up being unloyal for many years of Odysseus’ lack. They both disobeyed his rules and did not treat their cattle the way they need to have. When Odysseus arrived home he killed them amongst with the suitors. 7. (Homer’s the Odyssey) During Odysseus’ absence Penelope stayed faithful to him. Even thought he had been gone for twenty years she never left him for the suitors.

She declined to proceed and remarry. When he returned Penelope was grateful and pleased to see him. Style 2: Regard for the Gods 1. (The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Oedipus Rex, antithesis) When Oedipus first arrives to Thebes and encounters the Sphinx that was positioned there by Apollo. The Sphinx then provided Oedipus to fix. Oedipus resolved the riddle, which killed the Sphinx sent out by Apollo. Oedipus then became king for eliminating the Sphinx. 2. (The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Oedipus Rex) Prior to Oedipus the first king, Laius was killed by highwaymen.

Not knowing who was accountable for his death Apollo granted an afflict across Thebes. In order to get rid of the pester Oedipus had to find Laius’ killer. Understanding he needed to do so, Oedipus approved a curse on whoever killed the previous king in order to discover the killer and please Apollo. 3. (Homer’s the Odyssey, reverse) When sent to the island of the Cyclops’s Odysseus and his men disrespected Poseidon by eliminating his kid, Polythemus. The males stabbed the Cyclops (Polythemus) in his eye and blinded him. When blinded Polythemus hired his father yelling they had blinded him.

Poseidon then continued to bring threat upon Odysseus and his men. 4. (Homer’s the Odyssey, reverse) When Odysseus and his males reached the island of the god Helios they were told by Zeus to not eat the livestock of the island. The majority of Odysseus’ males disobeyed Zeus’ wishes and ate the cattle. Once they had actually eaten the cattle the guys were killed. 5. (Homer’s the Odyssey, antithesis) The suitors who have actually taken control of Odysseus’ house while he is gone disrespect the God’s law of hospitality and courtesy. They are not hospitable towards Penelope, or her house.

The suitors eat all of Odysseus’ food and disrespect those who work for him. 6. (Homer’s the Odyssey) Throughout all of his journeys and hardships Odysseus listened to the word of Athena. When needing assistance and aid he would go to her and trust what she would inform him. Odysseus obeyed her till the very minute he was home and safe. 7. (Homer’s the Odyssey) The Cyclops’s think they are much better and more effective than the gods. They have no regard for any of the gods, even though their dad is Poseidon. They do not follow the rules of the gods, or treat them with any respect.

Theme 3: Self Mutilation 1. (The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Oedipus Rex) Discovering the news that she had incest with her boy and that her boy eliminated her partner Iocasta concerned the decision of killing herself. She could not handle the fact that she had children with her earliest son unconsciously. She went to the chamber and hung herself to be discovered by Oedipus. 2. (The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Oedipus Rex) When discovering that his mother (also other half) Iocasta eliminated herself Oedipus brought his penalty upon himself. He then delegated chamber to blind himself.

Oedipus gouged out his own eyes bringing him his own self damage. 3. (The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Antigone) After burying the burying the body of her brother, Polyneices, Antigone was sentenced to the death by Creon. Instead of instantly eliminating Antigone Creon decided on locking her away in a cavern and bury her alive. Before Creon might eliminate her Antigone brought her death upon herself. She hung herself in the collapse which she was delegated pass away in. 4. (The Oedipus Rex Cycle- Antigone) Creon’s son, Haemon loved Antigone and destined to marry her.

He knew of her death sentence and refused to let it take place, but Creon did otherwise. Prior to Creon would eliminate her Haimon went to see his other half. When showing up to the cave and seeing she had killed herself Haimon was outraged. He went to kill his daddy, however missed out on. Out of pure disappointment he turned the sword onto himself and eliminated himself. 5. (Homer’s the Odyssey) Odysseus has been away from his home of Thebes for twenty years. When being taken control of by total and overall sorrow his mom, Anticlea chooses taking her own life. Antic lea kills herself by strolling into the sea and drowning. (Oedipus Rex Cycle- Antigone) Eurydice, mother of Haemon and spouse of Creon is taken control of by sorrow when learning of the death of her son. She can no longer handle the death of her boy and blames her other half for his death and Antigone’s. Eurydice then ends her own life by stabbing herself.? Theme 4: Hospitality 1. (Oedipus Rex Cycle- Oedipus at Colonus) When Oedipus and Antigone arrived to Colonus they were greeted by Theseus. There he took excellent care of them and kept them in his defense. He let the two make his city of Colonus their home. (Homer’s the Odyssey, antithesis) Because Odysseus had actually been away from his home for twenty years suitors started to want his spouse Penelope’s hand in marital relationship. They got here to his house and disrespected those who worked for Odysseus and his house. The suitors consumed all of Odysseus’ food and slept with his housemaids. The suitors refuse to leave Penelope and Odysseus home, which leads to their death. 3. (Homer’s the Odyssey, reverse) Odysseus and his males reach the island of the Cyclops in which they enter a cavern. Within the cave they see a roasting sheep.

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They break the Greek rules of hospitality by entering into someone’s home (Polythemus’ cave) and consuming their food without permission. 4. (Homer’s the Odyssey, reverse) The Cyclops, Polythemus treats Odysseus and his guys with little to no hospitality. When they reach Polythemus’ home he does not welcome them in, but tells them to go away. By doing this he disrespects the guideline of hospitality. 5. (Homer’s the Odyssey) After being lost at sea, Odysseus reaches the land of the Phoenicians. There he was accepted and taken care of by the princess Nusicaa.

Odysseus is dealt with as an honored visitor and is given the present of a ship and the finest crew in the city. 6. (Homer’s the Odyssey) As soon as he returns house Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar. While being camouflaged he goes to his own Swineherd, Eumaeus. Not knowing who he is Eumaeus still permits the complete stranger (Odysseus) to stick with him. 7. (Homer’s the Odyssey, antithesis) Still camouflaged as a beggar, Odysseus reaches his house which is toppled by the suitors. The suitors disrespect him and tell him he is not invited in “their” house, when it is not even theirs. Penelope scolds them and allows Odysseus to remain.

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