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A Brief Summary of Oedipus Rex


A Short Summary of Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex is the story of a king, in which pride proves to be his failure. In the city of Thebes, there was an excellent plague, so in order for this afflict to stop actions needed to be taken. Oedipus collects the city together for a town meeting where individuals reveal their issues about what is occurring to the town. He reveals that he has sent out Creon to the oracle to find the root of this plague and that he should be returning anytime.

Creon arrives back in Thebes and informs not just Oedipus, but the townspeople as well, that the reason for this afflict was due to the fact that the killer of their previous ruler Laius was in the town. Oedipus makes it extremely clear that he will do whatever it requires to find the murderer and for the townspeople to reveal any details they might have. Oedipus contacts Creon to bring Teriesias, a “seer” to the city of Thebes to assist to expose who might be the killer. Teriesias generally blames the murder of Laius on Oedipus in front of the townspeople.

This makes Oedipus really upset and he is which to make assumptions that someone is plotting versus him. He anticipates that because it was Creon who got the seer to come, they that were both trying to overthrow him from his throne. Oedipus threatens Creon with exile however Jocasta, Creon’s sister, intervenes and prevents it claiming the prophecies are always incorrect. Oedipus does whatever he can to attempt to figure out the killer including bringing a “seer” to Thebes. This “seer” indirectly blames the murder on Oedipus.

This makes Oedipus really upset, and he takes his anger out on the guy who got the seer to come to Thebes, Creon. He thinks that Creon wishes to end up being king and is attempting to overthrow him by asking the seer to come. He was in the process of banishing Creon from the town when Jocasta, Oedipus’s other half informs him not to. She does this for the primary reason of Creon being her bro. She discusses to Oedipus that the seer’s visions are not always proper and after that details a story that she had where the seer’s prediction did not come to life.

However, this story was about how her son was supposed to kill his daddy and mom, but Laius died of a complete stranger and not by his kid. This captured Oedipus’s eye since he bore in mind that he had actually killed a few males at a cross-road on his method to Thebes, which strongly fit the description of how Jocasta explained Laius. Oedipus starts to realize that Laius could have potentially be his father, and he sends out for the one person who survived Oedipus’s attack on Laius and his men, who is now a shepherd.

While he is waiting for the Shepard a messenger from his old town of Corinth pertains to offer him the news that his daddy has died, but then goes on to state that the guy was not his genuine daddy. The Shepard tells Oedipus that Jocasta had actually offered him a baby with his ankles connected and the Shepard felt bad for him so he spared his life. Oedipus understands that the infant was himself, and it was he who killed his dad and married his mother. He goes on to find Jocasta in the space dead by hanging herself. So he blinds himself by piercing his eyes.

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