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A Character Sketch of Mustapha Mond in Brave New World


Mustapha Mond Character Sketch It is stated that a terrific leader should always lead by example. This is not always real, a leader should often partake in some unfavorable activities in order to safeguard the interests of the populated. An excellent example of this is Mustapha Mond.

When one very first meets Mustapha Mond, it is apparent that he is noticeably various from the other alpha plusses; Mond is special, smart, and reliable. Mustapha Mond is unique in part due to the fact that he checks out prohibited literature. Unlike the other citizens of Brave New World, Mond has checked out the traditional works of Shakespeare, the Bible, and other remnants of the old world.

Additionally, he believes in the presence of god. This is a concept unidentified to most of the populated, since society has made god unnecessary; when no one is ever alone or unhappy, they do not require to ask for things from god. Mond utilized to be an analytical researcher; he was clever sufficient to recognize that the so-called science they practiced was not real innovation, thus he began to experiment on his own or in Mond’s words,” ‘I began doing a bit of cooking on my own. Unconventional cooking, illegal cooking. A little genuine science’ “( 226 ).

Doing things in private, let alone doing science in private is something unprecedented in Brave New World. Although, being the only guy in a world filled with sheep, can be an excellent characteristic to a leader. Mond is sensible, therefore an excellent leader. He comprehends the big image. One example of this capability, is that he acknowledges that the high arts can not exist without strife. The present society has almost no discomfort, no sorrow, no loneliness, and none of the harmful negative feelings that are required to understand works of high art, such as Othello.

He recognizes that the populous would no longer understand classics like Romeo and Juliet. Furthermore, he acknowledges that however much workers might ask for much shorter hours, the reality is, they are better working the longer work days. This is because, workers have nothing to do in their “extra time” as was exemplified by Mond,” ‘Ireland was put on to the four-hour day. What was the result? Unrest and a big boost in the intake of soma'” (224 ). In truth, Mond claims that the Development office is stuffed with labor saving concepts; nevertheless, for the sake of stability, he utilizes his authority as the Resident

World Controller to hold back modification that would be harmful to society. Authority is a requirement for individuals in positions of power, and as the Local World Controller, Mond is not scared to utilize his power. A steady society can not have dissenters, therefore, all nonconformists are sent to sub centers consisting of Bernard Marx and Helmholtz. Nevertheless, he does not permit John to leave Brave New World, with his fore discussed buddies Bernard and Helmholtz, because the experiment, being the intro of a “savage” into civilization, must go on.

Mond’s authority is best summed up in his own words:” ‘I make the laws here, I can likewise break them. With impunity, Mr. Marx, Which I hesitate you can’t'” (219 ). In the words of Vincent Thomas Lombardi, “The leader can never close the space in between himself and the group. If he does, he is no longer what he must be.” Mustapha Mond is an outstanding example of this, Mond is a smart, unique, and reliable leader with traits that identify him from the other alpha plusses. He is one of the couple of mindful individuals in a world full of glassy eyed automatons.

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