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A Comparison of Antigone’s and Ismene’s Reactions to Grief in Antigone by Sophocles


Response Paper to Antigone

The story of Antigone is among the oldest items of literary works that is still being researched today. The play is able to discover the psychology of various personalities as they are all required to manage the death Polyneices. While the distinctions in between exactly how Antigone, Haimon, as well as Creon reply to the scenario might be widely discussed, an additional intriguing partnership to evaluate in the message is that in between Antigone and Ismene. Both siblings experience a disaster as their bros kill each other, yet their actions are rather different. Antigone’s feedback to the grief is to concentrate on the oppression of the circumstance as well as risk herself to establish points right, while Ismene is filled with sadness, yet fears the implications of breaking the legislation. Both actions are outcomes of love, yet the specifics of each instance allow a deeper consider the psychology of these characters.

When reading as well as discussing the play of Antigone, Antigone herself is frequently viewed as the heroin. Nevertheless, it could be suggested that Antigone is the reason for the tragedy. If Antigone had revealed her grief with Haimon, it is feasible that he might have convinced his dad to raise the regulation against burying Polyneices body. Also, her rash choice to eliminate herself causes the fatality of both Haimon and the queen as they are loaded with grief. After thinking through the various closings that could have happened if Antigone had actually reacted calmer, it is reasonable to conclude that Antigone’s plan of disobedience was not one of the most functional response. Ismene, on the other hand, reacts with sorrow however no action. Maybe argued that this is a much more functional action as it protects against any more harm, yet with Ismene’s response absolutely nothing is truly fixed, it is all just dismissed as if it did not take place.

After analyzing the usefulness of the girls’ reactions, the question of principles is increased. Was Antigone doing the best thing, defending her household and offering herself as a sacrifice? Or was Ismene fix in preventing more problem and just grieving for the loss of her sibling and also his honor? This is a really hard thing to evaluate as the despair in this scenario is virtually indecipherable. It might be most sensible to suggest that neither lady was in the appropriate mindset to make a moral, functional decision. They have just learned that their bros have eliminated each various other and also one will certainly die with honor, while the various other might not. Thinking of this circumstance, it ends up being clear that neither girl responded ethically neither virtually, but they both reacted mentally according to their very own individualities.

The play Antigone by Sophocles includes multiple complex scenarios and also connections, which of Antigone and her sis Ismene is among the most interesting. Enjoying these women handle the pain of losing their bros and afterwards take care of the discomfort of losing each various other in argument over the scenario makes the tragedy a lot more powerful. Sophocles is able to consist of humanity in this situation as both sis behave impractically and unethically. This is seen frequently in life along with emotions overcome reasoning and may lead to much more terrible scenarios as those that happen in Antigone.

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