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A Feminist Perspective of The Lottery


A Feminist Perspective of The Lottery game

“A female without a male is like a fish without a bike.”– Gloria Steinem

The story, “The Lottery game,” occurs in a semi-modern time period. An annual lottery game goes on every June 27th in this town. The “winner”, who selects the slip of paper out of the box with a black dot on it, gets stoned to death. Expense Hutchinson gets picked. His better half Tessie Hutchinson, Bill’s wife, claims her spouse didn’t get a fair chance. She requires that the lottery game reboots. Instead of restarting the entire event, the host returns the Hutchinson household’s slips to package and makes them redraw. This time, the better half gets the dreadful slip. The town stoned her to death. In “The Lottery game”, composed by Shirley Jackson, a feminist literary theorist would pay attention to the symbolization and how it ties back to today’s society.
In the story, the blank white slip of paper says that you didn’t “win” the lotto. In a feminist literary theorist’s eyes, the blank paper represents females according to tradition. The tradition states that ladies are not for working or being informed. In today’s world, a lady’s job is to look pretty and please her husband. This includes cooking, cleansing, taking care of the kids and etc. The black dot on the paper represents a woman who breaks custom. The individual who selects the slip of paper with a black dot gets chosen to be stoned. A feminist literary theorist would state that the black dot represents a lady who breaks the custom. For example, today, a working lady is not an uncommon incident. However, females are still thought about listed below the guys in the labor force. Ladies do not get paid as much as males, so they need to work two times as tough for what they should be getting in the top place. Also, a female whose top priority isn’t looks is “awful” according to society. Also, if a lady refuses to have a guy’s kids, it’s an issue. The punishment for all of these things is being stoned to death.
Being stoned to death in the story is the “benefit” for winning the lottery game. A feminist literary theorist would react by stating that the stoning would presume the function of shaming ladies for breaking tradition. Today’s society shames females for being anything more than a homemaker. Women in politics get more hate than any other political leaders just because they’re women. This isn’t just in politics, it remains in all professions. In conclusion, the symbolism in “The Lottery” would be seen by a feminist literary critic. The blank slip of paper represents what women are supposed to be according to tradition. The black dot on a slip of paper represents a woman breaking the custom. Finally, the stoning represents society shaming females for breaking the custom.

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