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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” Analysis: Six White Columns Essay


“A Great Guy is Hard to Discover” is a southern stories in a number of methods. The majority of the old southern worths are embodied through the grandmother. As the family loads into the vehicle to drive to Florida, the grandmother is described as using white cotton gloves, a navy blue straw sailor hat with white violets on the brim. She likewise puts on a white-dotted navy blue dress with white organdy cuffs and collar trimmed with lace. She had actually pinned a cloth violets containing a sachet– a scented bag– to her collar.

She is the only one dressed up, her reasoning being “In case of a mishap, anybody seeing her dead on the highway would understand at once that she was a woman.” Dress was an integral part of class distinction in the Old South, and the grandmother clearly thinks things must still be that way.

The granny also shows one attitude towards blacks when she explains a young black kid she sees as they drive.

She discusses to June Star that he doesn’t have britches because he is bad and simply not white, stating,” [they] do not have things like we do.” She goes on to state she would paint him if she could, treating him as an object instead of a human kid. Slavery and racial discrimination was particular of the Old South.

The household also picks up bbq at The Tower. It might not seem “southern,” however I can state from experience that BBQ is a part of southern culture. I as soon as drove from Georgia to Florida with my own household and along the method saw many bbq places. And they were delicious!

Southern culture is likewise raised when the granny remembers the old plantation. She paints an image of what I constantly envision when I think about one, with “six white columns” and “an opportunity of oaks leading up to it.”

Lastly, religion was an important part of southern culture. Though it does not say of which religion the grandma comes from, she raises religion during her fight with The Misfit. She plays it off that she is devout, but all throughout the story she opposed those “strong morals” that include faith.

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