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A Good Man Is Hard to Find Essay


“A Great Male Is Difficult to Discover” is a story composed by Flannery O’Connor. It is a tragic story that happens in Toombsboro, Georgia. The story is written in a third person narration with plenty of characters to tell. This story follows an unfortunate plotline about a family who has intents to go on getaway to another state. They originally are from Atlanta, Georgia. Regrettably, bad occasions occur to the family. O’Connor writes this story with a lot of foreshadowing and meaning.

Each character indicates something to the story, and contributes to the storyline.

With all the foreshadowing and signs in the story, the granny plays the most considerable part as an awful character in the story with her conceit, selfishness, and close-mindedness. This story initially starts off with a single household consisting of a couple of characters. The household has a grandma who thinks about herself all the time, her son Bailey, her daughter in law, and her grandchildren, John and June and a baby.

The grandmother also smuggles her cat named Pity Sing onto the car ride without anyone’s authorization, which suggests that the granny is big-headed. The cat’s name likewise has a considerable meaning also with the word “pity”.

At the beginning of the story, the household argues where to choose getaway. The granny recommends the idea that the family go to Tennessee since she wants to go to some people there. She is really self-indulgent, big-headed, and selfish due to the fact that all she thinks about has to do with herself. She only relates to her own wants without thinking of others first. The rest of the family argued to go to Florida for the getaway. The granny attempts very difficult to convince the household to Florida and even tells tell that she has heard of a serial killer on the loose somewhere in the central part of Georgia.

O’Connor uses this to indicate to the reader that a series of regrettable events will follow the remainder of the series. This is the author’s method of foreshadowing the story. En route to Florida, they stop by a dining establishment called Red Sammy’s to eat. During the restaurant check out, there is even more foreshadowing in between discussions with the characters. Red Sammy talks about how individuals during their time are harder to trust and that good individuals are not as easy to discover. This is a referral to the title of the short story.

The grandmother and the waiter discuss the old times and have a classic in between them. After they eat, they continue the road once again. Throughout the trip down, the granny keeps in mind a place that she has visited throughout her earlier years in Toombsboro. She recalls of an old plantation that she has checked out. She encourages the family to stop by the plantation. They try to visit the plantation, but then the grandma remembers something and stuns herself who results in the cat going nuts and pouncing on Bailey, who is driving the cars and truck.

The lorry turns over and tosses all the guests of the car around. The cars and truck arrive on the side of the roadway. In order to prevent Bailey from chewing out her, the grandma imitates she has injuries and chooses not to tell anyone that her alleged plantation was in Tennessee and out of their way of their location. The grandma again considers herself, since she does not wish to take blame for the whole scenario they remain in. If she had not wrongly remembered about the plantation, then the entire mishap might have been avoided.

A cars and truck is seen far after they all get out of the cars and truck securely. The granny, thinking of herself, waves them down to help them. After seeing the wreckage, the vehicle with three guys gets out carrying guns. The guys wore rugged and sketchy clothes. O’Connor foreshadows the occasions to come through making use of description adjectives and vibrant imagery of the character’s looks and clothing. In the background the grandmother, has a feeling that she knows the chauffeur from someplace. It occurs to be the misfit she has found out about earlier in a publication.

She sobs out that she has actually recognized the misfit aloud. This is an awful event for the grandma, due to the fact that she needs to have kept her words to herself. This may have spared the household’s lives. A left convict would not leave any person alive if they discovered that they were desired. Once again with being self-indulgent, the granny weeps out “‘You would not shoot a girl, would you? ‘” This once again adds to the character’s flaw, since she puts herself initially in her ideas and security before her family. She attempts to persuade the killer to spare her life.

She says, “I know you’re a good male. You don’t look a bit like you have typical blood. I know you must originate from nice individuals!” After this brief discussion, the driver asks one of his henchmen, Bobby Lee, to take the other member of the family to another part of the woods. The killer chooses to have a more in depth talk with the granny about the quality of his life. The grandma is advocating her life utilizing this approach, and not even considering the other member of the family who are eliminated.

She does not even plead for their lives to be spared, even after she ears loud screams and pistol shots from the woods. The grandmother seems to have actually almost broken the killer into tears, until she states “You’re one of my own kids!” and touches the Misfit. The killer springs in reverse and shoots her three times. The story ends with the killer specifying, “She would have been a good woman, if it had actually been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.” This quote sums up every awful defect that the granny has actually done. It means that the killer thinks a self focused woman like herself ought to be shot all the time.

In about every scene of the story, the grandma constantly has something to state about the moment. Whatever she needs to talk about pertains to her own self interest. Her absence of morality due to her greed and self-mindedness are both characteristics that cause her and her household’s lives. The grandma got what she had coming, which relates to the overall style of the story. It strengthens to readers not to have qualities that match those of that grandma, for they will cause dire consequences.

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