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A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Grandmother Is the Central Character


A Good Man is Tough to Find The grandma is the central character in the narrative “A Great Male is Hard to Find,” by Flannery O’Connor. She is likewise an effectively rounded and dynamic character. She shows different characteristics and exposes numerous remarks as they story advances.

A few of her qualities include selfish and an aggressive individual. She is likewise kind of manipulator in a way that she insists her household to change the plan. At the beginning of the story when we first realize her desire to visit her childhood house, she is being a very self-centered person. Examining her conversation with her kid Bailey, the granny is moreover an aggressive individual.

She is persuading Bailey to change the journey plan according to her requirement only and which will benefit her only. She is attempting to manipulate her household to do what she believes is best. She is also a little criticizer at points in the story. Her attributes stay exact same throughout the story that is even when her desire was overlooked, she still kept applauding it. The story opens up with a discussion between the grandma and her son Bailey about their journey to Florida. Rather of going to Florida with her entire household, she insists on visiting her relatives up in Tennessee.

In spite of everybody’s choice, she simply wants to go where her mind is set. It is extremely obvious that she is only worried about her acquiring and nobody else’s. Her selfishness takes place when she states “The kids have been to Florida prior to” (O’Connor 345). It sounds like the granny is being stubborn and childish, and trying to alter their mind about going to Tennessee. She is encouraging the household to alter their holiday destination to Tennessee. “Here this fellow that calls himself The Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and headed toward the Florida and you read here what it states he did to these individuals.

Just you read it. I wouldn’t take my children in any instructions with a criminal like that aloose in it. I couldn’t solution to my conscience if I did” (O’Connor 345). She is trying to terrify Bailey and likewise stating that going there might also threaten. She lies after she appears to not get any response from previous attempts by trying to say out that it’s not about her, but in fact it’s about the kids. “The kids have actually been to Florida before,” the old woman said. “You all should take them somewhere else for a modification so they would see different parts of the world and be broad.

They never ever have been to east Tennessee” (O’Connor 345). She is important of the children’s mother and encourages Bailey by telling him that it can be an instructional experience for his children. Truthfully, she wishes to go to Tennessee for the benefit of her own just and fulfill her requirements. One of significant selfishness happens when she first tries making her son Bailey change the whole trip strategies including the location. She had actually always treated her son Bailey as if he was child still and anticipates him not to make his own choice for himself.

After the family neglects the grandmother’s attempts of persuasion and her desire, they decide to go on their own way. She is prompted to travel with her household. Consequently the grandmother reveals characteristics as if she were a fan. “The next morning the granny was the very first one in the car, ready to go” (O’ Connor 345). At this minute in the story, her movement shows that she has actually been ignored and becomes the first one to prepare as if she has actually been required to do so. In spite of knowing that her boy Bailey does not like taking feline onto their journeys, she conceals her cat, Pitty Sing, into the basket. … and beneath it she was concealing a basket with Pitty Sing, the feline, in it” (O’Connor 345). She is avoiding her son and does not want to leave the feline house alone. At the end of the story, the granny shows an extremely apparent selfishness act where is just concerned about her life just and shows zero concern about the remainder of the family. When the household experiences the Misfit and his gang, the grandmother acknowledges him as the Misfit. “I understand you would not shoot a woman! I know you originate from great individuals! Hope! Jesus, you ought not to shoot a woman. I’ll offer you all the cash I’ve got!” (O’Connor 355).

She is pleading the Misfit for her life only by saying the word lady repeatedly and offering him the cash. She is likewise praising the Misfit by calling him an excellent guy and attempting to save her life. She was also careless about her household. When her household is taken down into the woods, she continues to talk to Misfit. She overlooks the sound of when her son and remainder of the family were being shot. She is apparently oblivious to many things. She was disregarding everything however the Misfit. “The t-shirt came flying at him and landed on his shoulders and he put it on. The grandmother couldn’t call what the t-shirt advised her of” (O’Connor 354).

The granny doesn’t even recognize that shirt was her boy Baileys. She had no interest in knowing where that shirt came from and what took place to my family. For the issue of her life only, she tries to convince the Misfit the same way she tried with her family. “I know you’re a good guy. You don’t look a bit like you have common blood. I know you should come from great individuals!” (O’Connor 352). She is trying to manipulate the Misfit and hopes that he will bear her. She is thinking about nobody else however the sake for herself. However she stops working when again to influence the Misfit.

One of her characteristics in the story is being a very aggressive person. Even when she is not heard by her family, she continues to praise her homeland hoping that Bailey would change his mind still. After they had left The Tower, “a part-stucco and part-wood filling station and dance hall …” (O’ Connor 348), the granny recapitulates “an old plantation that she had actually checked out in this neighborhood once when was a young lady” (O’Connor 349). No matter the consequences, the grandma finds an alternative method to control Bailey for altering his route to the old house she wanted to see. She knew that Bailey would not want to lose anytime looking at an old home, but the more she discussed it, the more she wanted to see it once again” (O’Connor 349). She is being a very pushy person here attempting to persuade Bailey and makes it sound even fascinating informing the kids. “There was a secret panel in this home,” she said craftily, not informing the truth but wishing that she were, “and the story went that all family silver was concealed in it when Sherman came through however it was never ever found …” (O’Connor 349).

The father concedes to go to your home after his kids begin to yell and shriek that they wished to see the house with secret panels (350 ). She convinces the kids about informing them a secret panel in your home which makes them grows their excitement even more in seeing it. Nevertheless she is not informing the fact about your house but simply making the kids wish to see it right now and would force their father to take them there. She is not only being aggressive to Bailey but also to the kids.

She seeks a method to get Bailey’s attention. “It’s not far from here, I understand,” the grandma stated. “It wouldn’t take control of twenty minutes” (O’Connor 350). The granny later recognizes that the house with secret panels she told the children remains in Tennessee not in Georgia. Her desire to visit the old home from childhood results in an accident when her feline Pitty Sing sprang onto Bailey’s shoulder (350) losing the control of the vehicle and resulting into a mishap.

If the grandma had not pressed her boy to detour to see the old house, which she later on recognized remained in Tennessee not in Georgia, they wouldn’t have met with a mishap. She is the cause of her entire family when they experience the Misfit and his gang who shot everyone at the end of the story including the grandma. Throughout the story, her numerous remarks reveal that she wishes to achieve only for the benefit of her own and will not let anything come in her way. At the end, throughout her discussion with the Misfit, the granny says that she understands him from good people trying to save her own life.

She carried out herself as a very self-centered person particularly at the end of the story. In my opinion she stayed a static character as her characteristics didn’t change. She stays egocentric throughout the story and seeks to get everything that will benefit her just. The granny reveals numerous personality type that brings households down fall at the end of the story. Her act of selfishness shows when she informs her child Bailey the benefit of taking their kids to Tennessee.

She wants the children to check out various part of world and be broad. But truthfully, just she will acquire everything by going on holiday in Tennessee. She convinces her family by mentioning that this trip could be an academic experience for the children. As the story ends, she faces a death as her penalty for self-serving behaviors. In addition to her, the whole family faces with death. Functions Cited Updike, John. “Pygmalion.” Literature for Structure. 8th ed. New York: Pearson Longman, 2007. Print.

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