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A Good Man is Hard to Find: Literary Analysis


A Great Man is Hard to Find: Literary Analysis

Flannery O’Connor is one of the names most carefully related to the southern gothic style of fiction and very typically, the American south is among the primary characters in her stories, even if it has no lines and does not play a direct function. Throughout “An Excellent Male is Tough to Discover” pictures of the south are frequent and surprisingly, while we hear the granny pining for the great old days of the plantation south, back when she was a belle and might smile at the “cute” negroes, we can not assist but recoil. This sickening adherence to almost every stereotype of the old South that the grandma represents is part of what makes her a monstrous character. In reality, every family member is grotesque in some way; the children by their excessive rudeness and lack of manners, the dad by his extreme, simmering anger coupled with a brilliant, happy-looking parrot shirt, the mother by her lack of personality or character– and, obviously, the Misfit by his total absence of regard for anything or anybody. This is not a delightful portrait southern or a southern household– it is a review.

Using foreshadowing is one of the most-used literary gadgets in “An Excellent Man is Difficult to Discover” and instances of foreshadowing range from extremely direct (consistent mentioning of the Misfit and how hazardous he is although nobody has any concept where he is) and smaller uses. Whatever in this story interacts to create a state of mind and part of this mood, this tone in “An Excellent Man is Tough to Discover” is quite based upon foreshadowing, especially after the family crashes. Notice that the cars and truck approaches slowly to “help” them and that it looks like a hearse. Notification also that practically everything that happens as soon as the family leaves is clouded with a particular darkness; the journey to Red Sammy’s, which is promoted as being like a traveler attraction, is really a lot like hell– for a terrific description of this see the web source on the next page that offers important quotes matched with primary styles in “A Good Male is Tough to Find.”

Performing a character analysis of characters in “A Good Guy is Hard to Find” would be rather challenging unless you choose the only character who really stands apart– the granny. Notice that she is never named directly, she is just referred to by her status in the household and, of course, her age. The mom, who barely speaks, is not called. If you are writing an essay on “A Great Man is Tough to Discover” and are looking for a brief subject to blog about, consider the conference of names and meaning. Those characters who are called, are done so in fascinating ways. For instance, the young kid, John Wesley, is named after the founder of the Methodist religious motion whereas his sister, June Star, has a very contemporary name.

The significance of “An Excellent Male is Hard to Discover” by Flannery O’Connor is challenging to untangle, if only since the death of the family is so worthless and all of their petty service getting to Florida, stopping to consume, having little household squabbles all results in absolutely nothing but a quick end. In some methods then, the significance of “A Great Male is Hard to Discover” is about the lack of implying itself when challenged with the dull hate of criminal offense. All of the important things that we inhabit ourselves with, that we discover essential in the moment, are really absolutely nothing. I’m not trying to depress you here or anything (although if you check out the story you’re probably currently feeling a little depressed) but in lots of ways it seems that O’Connor goes through such excellent lengths to information the journey so that she can develop character profiles and likewise so that she can reveal simply how grimly worthless a number of the little things we concern ourselves with remain in the grand scheme of things. After all, it is not until she is challenged with death that the grandma shows any sign of depth and even this has actually been, in countless analysis efforts by scholars, likewise seen as a last act of manipulation.

Take a look at the sources on the next page for “A Great Guy is Difficult to Discover” for even more description of the significance of “A Good Man is Difficult to Find” in terms of salvation and religion. This is among the main themes in “A Good Male is Difficult to Discover” but there are a lot of scholarly opinions about the notions of grace, divinity, and the redemption of the Misfit and the granny alike that it’s finest to let you wander through and see what you think. There is no right or incorrect response here; that’s part of what makes this story so engaging, even so many years after it was written.

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