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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” – Selfish Grandmother


Grandparents are the moms and dads of one’s own moms and dad. Grandparents spoil and look after you whenever your parents are not. In some scenarios, grannies are more involved with the grandchildren than any relative.

In “A Great Male is Hard to Find”, the primary characters is the Granny and her son, Bailey. The child’s household goes on a household holiday to Florida. The granny tags along after she firmly insisted not to ride along. She didn’t want to be left alone at home and wished to keep the kids company on the ride to Florida.

Throughout the entire story, the household experienced certain events that the grandmother is to blame for the family’s fate and terrible ending. She informed stories to the children about the old days and compared it to present day in the story. Also she firmly insisted to make a couple stops and gestures that could have been prevented if she did not come on the trip. “An Excellent Guy is Difficult to Find” is a paradoxical title for this short story by Flannery O’Conner. The southern Gothic author wrote about the things she observed in Georgia. Her stories were far from the typical due to the fact that her ending fates of the characters were significantly dreadful.

Plainly mentioned, the grandmother is to blame for the household’s fate because of the unanticipated effort to stop at the plantation house, the feline a board the vehicle flight, and acknowledging the Misfit and his fellows. Bailey and his household resided in Georgia. The trip was expected to be a success, but made a terrible turn at the end. They left Atlanta with the grandmother, Bailey, his two kids, June Star and John Wesley, and the mom of the kids with the youngest child in her arms. The granny beinged in the middle of the back seat with John Wesley and June Star on either side of her.

Bailey and the kids’s mother and the baby sat in front. Their prepared trip to Florida had an extra unexpected member in the cars and truck. Pitty Sing, granny’s cat, was the unwanted member, who sat on the granny’s lap in the rear seats. The grandchildren listened to the grandma’s youth stories of Tennessee as they focus on their comics. Halfway to Florida they made their very first stop at The Tower and chose to consume dinner. After dinner, Bailey and his family continued their journey to Florida. As they repelled, the grandmother continued informing her stories.

She began one youth story about a plantation that she invested most time at a young age. The kids got interested in her story due to the fact that she spoke about your house having a secret panel where silver was hidden. The kids were delighted and would like to know more. The granny discovered a plantation with very comparable functions like the one she went to a lot. Her statement of recognition made the kids beg. “The baby began to yell and John Wesley kicked the back of the seat so hard that his dad might feel the blows in his kidney” (O’Conner, 1080).

As mentioned above, the screams of enjoyment and interest of the children and the persuading grandma encouraged Bailey to turn around and go down the dirt road where the entryway of the house with the secret panel stood. The grandma finally persuaded her boy to go up the dirt roadway since she kept describing the rush of delight to see the house with the secret panel neighbored. The grandma’s persistence to stop at the plantation home by driving down a road off the highway is one supporting truth proving that slowly all the occasions brought on by the grandmother will be the reason for the family’s fate.

On the quiet roadway, everyone kept to themselves all the delighted as they watched the trees pass by. Bailey asked, “how further more”, and the granny responded, “Not much even more.” The grandma thought to herself as she bore in mind that this plantation house they were driving to be actually in Tennessee and not in Georgia. Immediately, “the idea was so awkward that she turned red in the face and her eyes dilated and her feet leapt up disturbing the valise in the corner. The instantaneous valise moved the basket under it rose Pitty Sing, the feline, sprang onto Bailey’s shoulder …” (O’Conner, 1081).

After she realized this drive down the roadway was unneeded and held it in due to the fact that she knew Bailey and the kids would be disturbed. Driving over a long hill, she rendered to what would in fact be on the opposite of the hill. Given that the plantation house didn’t exist. When Pitty Sing jumped onto Bailey, he was so shocked and lost control of the car. The vehicle with the entire family flipped twice then landed in the ditch off to the side of the road after the big hill. Once again the grandma is accountable for another occasion the household has experienced.

The cat got on Bailey causing the automobile to crash. This could have been avoided if she would have left Pitty Sing in the house like Bailey requested since he did not want the cat with them on the family getaway or if she could have stayed home because she did not want to go to Florida, but Tennessee instead. But then again, the granny seemed it was alright and nothing would be wrong with bringing the cat. Minutes after the turmoil of the mishap had settled; Bailey found an automobile coming from the end of the roadway. The vehicle approached the household and parked near the car and the household.

Three people came out the cars and truck and looked into the ditch onto the family. The whole family was in discomfort and hurt from the vehicle turning. They screamed for aid as the 3 walked down to them. The grandma noticed that a person of the people was somebody she understands or saw before. She recognized and spoke out loud that all 3 males were convicts that have actually escaped from prison and were driving down to Florida to hide. The leader of the trio was the Misfit. He informed the grandma that the best thing she might have done was remain quiet.

The 2 accomplices of the Misfit took Bailey and his kid, John Wesley, into the woods. Not long after the mom, the infant, and June Star were walked into the woods. Gunshots went off in the woods. “The Misfit’s declarations and actions take to a far more outright extreme that which is hinted at by the grandmother’s behavior …” (Owens). Leaving the granny alone and last to eliminate by Misfit given that the other 2 guys remained in the forest. She kept reminding him how great of a guy he was to stop and assist them. She exclaimed to Misfit, “You’ve got excellent blood!

I understand you wouldn’t shoot a girl! I know you come from great individuals! Hope! Jesus ought not to shoot a girl. I’ll give you all the cash I’ve got!” (O’Conner, 1086). Misfit had enough of her yapping and shot her dead with 3 gunshots to the chest as she lay in the ditch. “In her final moment, the Grandmother connects and touches the Misfit, whispering ‘You are among my own children! ‘. The Misfit’s final commentary on the granny is that ‘she would of been a great lady … if it had actually been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life'” (Introduction: Wilson).

The family’s fate ended with them being murdered by the Misfit and his companions. The granny could be perfectly blamed for this entire occasion due to the fact that if she would have stayed home, left the cat behind, and not acknowledge the Misfit. The awful and unfortunate ending was the final situation that the granny will ever put the family into ever once again. The “great male” the grandma claimed the Misfit was and his two buddies are killers. Throughout the story the paradoxical title is linked to all 3 situations the grandma placed the family in causing their ending fate of death. She is self-centered and pushy; in truth, her desire to see a home from her childhood leads to the family’s death at the end of the story” (Introduction: Wilson). Clearly mentioned, the granny is to blame for the family’s fate because of the unanticipated effort to stop at the plantation home, the feline aboard the cars and truck flight, and recognizing the Misfit and his fellows. Persuasion was an essential part that played by the grandmother throughout the short story of O’Conner. The ethical of the story helps the reader understand that it is “difficult to find an excellent guy”.? Functions Pointed out

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