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A.L. Taylor’s Alice in Wonderland


A.L. Taylor’s Alice in Heaven

A. L. Taylor’s essay “Chess and Theology in the Alice Books” echoes Falconer Madan’s remorse that the game of chess in Lewis Carroll’s “With the Looking Glass” is not correctly exercised. As is, it has multiple mistakes such as the White side being enabled to move nine consecutive times and Queens castling. Dodgson wrote his protection in 1887, confessing that his adherence to the policies of chess are lax and that guide is based on a demo of actions, not a complete video game.

Taylor goes on to suppose that the game functions as an allegory forever, with Alice, a pawn, searching for understanding, which lies at the 8th square when she comes to be a queen. This births resemblance to, but is not always in conjunction with the allegory of maturing. All the same, till Alice reaches the eighth square, she has a limited view, as well as is just able to picture the important things that happen directly around her. It is instead abrupt, then, when Taylor begins talking about the Red and White Queens as 2 intrigues, the Rationalist faction, and also the extreme High Church Party.

According to Taylor, the Red Queen demonstrates several parallels to demands of the dogmatic Church which continues to be rooted in custom more for show than anything else. The White Queen represents, Dodgson mused, was mild as well as silly with a confused air that suggested imbecility. In her uneven role, Taylor thinks she stands for the Protestant side of the Church of England, attempting to re-interpret spiritual concepts. So, if both Queens are opposing sides of the Church, Alice has to be a concession.

She stands for the important things that both Red as well as White sides have been neglecting. Taylor streamlines it as love, however it might be better understood as the True Church. The reason individuals came to gather and also worship with each other in the first place. It is below that Taylor’s essay ends, without a correct clarification of his points, rather spiraling into yet one more allegory worrying the black as well as white kittycats of Dinah, Alice’s black and also white cat.

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