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A Rose for Emily: Pressures of Society


Pressures of Society Most people desire to harmonize the social standard. Individuals do not wish to be castaways or different. Everyone in a society attempts to suit their cookie cutter forms to make themselves much like everyone else.

Society does not like those who do not fit in and meet their standards. In the narrative “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, the main character Emily resides in a society loaded with high morals and financial status. The setting plays a substantial function on the actions of Emily and forces her to separate herself from the rest of society. A Rose for Emily” takes place in post- civil war Jefferson, a small town in the deep south of the United States. The setting of the story helps illuminate the values of society throughout that time. Emily’s society was constructed on the beliefs that the white, upper-class people were much more exceptional to everybody else. Being that they were more superior, everybody was held to a greater requirement. Individuals of Jefferson were anticipated to have prim and correct homes and yards, high morals, and to comply with all of the town’s laws.

While Emily belonged to the upper-class, she did not quite healthy in to society’s cookie cutter mold. Emily’s house was an eyesore to the remainder of the town, she was said to be dating a gay man who was of the working class, and she did not pay her taxes. Individuals of the town started to question Emily’s sanity due to the fact that she was not just like everybody else. “A few of the girls began to say that it was a disgrace to the town and a bad example to the young people … but at last the ladies required the Baptist minister … o hire her.” (94-95) These actions show how much society genuinely wished to alter Emily’s way of living so she would harmonize them and stop destroying their image. The southern country setting with these severe conditions led Emily to lock herself in her house in order to separate herself from society. Emily did not feel welcome in her society. She knew that the others evaluated her and towered above her for her actions. The pressures of society took a huge toll on Emily. The front door closed upon the last one and stayed closed for excellent. When the town secured free postal delivery, Miss Emily alone declined to let them secure the metal numbers above her door and connect a mailbox to it. She would not listen to them.” (95 ). Emily felt as though she was an overall castaway in her society and she became insane due to the fact that of it. After her death, the town discovers that Emily had murdered her future other half. She had truly gone outrageous due to the pressure that society had put on her.

All in all, Emily’s harsh society that she lived in caused her to feel unwanted and go outrageous. Emily felt pushed into locking herself away in her house to seclude herself from society. The high ethical requirements that the rich white southerners place on society considerably affected the life of Miss Emily. Emily did not fit into society’s cookie cutter mold, and as an outcome she was mocked and cast away from the rest of society. The pressures of society can have a very harmful effect on those who do not fit into the social norms.

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