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Alice in Wonderland (2010 film) Character List




Alice is the lead character of the movie. After shedding her daddy, her most relied on confidant and fan, Alice feels at odds with the inflexible conformism of her world. This all caps when she is pressed right into marrying the uncomfortable Hamish at a garden celebration. Overwhelmed with the expectations of society, she adheres to the white bunny down the rabbit hole to Paradise. While her grown-up life has actually led her to think that Paradise is just a desire, she quickly understands that it is, actually, extremely real, and as she uncovers this, she comes to be braver and also extra sure of herself. Alice is imaginative as well as non-conforming, resentful of doing points even if they are expected of her. A major and user-friendly girl, she has bigger plans than simply doing what is expected of her, as well as her time in Wonderland helps her gain self-confidence, as well as leads her to follow in her papa’s footprints and become an imperial business owner.

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter resides in Heaven, and also is a personality whose emotions are close to the surface. He has dynamic hair, nails, and also eyes as well as is rather unusual, related to by every person as being rather “crazy” and also a little off-kilter. Despite his eccentricities, he is a worthy and dedicated close friend to Alice and also a major leader of the resistance versus the Red Queen. He often puts on a toothy smile, and also an expression of craziness, as well as he likes nothing greater than making hats, and performing his famed jig, the Futterwacken.

Red Queen

The Red Queen is the villain of the movie. She is set on taking over all of Heaven for herself, as well as she is a mercurial and unjustified ruler, punishing anyone who gets out of line to death. A fascistic queen, she is as easily influenced by flattery as she is agitated by disobedience. She makes animals her servants as well as servants, and also she also beheaded her other half, envious of his passion in her ideal sister, the White Queen. An overgrown youngster, the Red Queen is known for having an abnormally huge head, both actually as well as figuratively.

White Queen

The White Queen is an excellent and simply leader, benevolent as well as pleasant in comparison to the Red Queen’s terrible and unpredictable character. The White Queen is kind to the pets and rules rather, pledging never ever to trigger damage to any creature. She is gorgeous as well as benevolent, yet additionally– like several residents of Paradise– a little eccentric.

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a nervous personality who likes getting on time, although he always appears to be late, contributing to his impatience with the various other characters. The rabbit works for the Red Queen however is additionally secretly part of the resistance to her policy. He is the one who brings Alice into Wonderland after the Hatter orders him to.


Hamish is the priggish as well as high-strung young boy who proposes to Alice at the garden event at the start of the movie. He is uncomfortable and also appears to have no interest in Alice beyond the truth that a marital relationship to her would certainly agree with in the eyes of culture.

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