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Alice in Wonderland (2010 film) Character List




Alice is the protagonist of the film. After losing her daddy, her most trusted confidant and also fan, Alice really feels up in arms with the stiff conformism of her globe. This all comes to a head when she is pressured right into marrying the awkward Hamish at a garden event. Bewildered with the assumptions of culture, she complies with the white bunny down the rabbit opening to Wonderland. While her grown-up life has led her to believe that Heaven is only a dream, she soon realizes that it is, in fact, extremely real, and as she finds this, she becomes braver and a lot more sure of herself. Alice is creative and also non-conforming, resentful of doing points just because they are expected of her. A significant and also user-friendly girl, she has bigger strategies than simply doing what is anticipated of her, and also her time in Heaven aids her gain self-confidence, as well as leads her to comply with in her daddy’s footsteps as well as end up being a royal business owner.

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter lives in Paradise, as well as is a personality whose feelings are close to the surface. He has vivid hair, nails, as well as eyes and also is rather unusual, regarded by every person as being quite “crazy” and also a little off-kilter. Even with his eccentricities, he is a worthy and dedicated buddy to Alice and a significant leader of the resistance versus the Red Queen. He often puts on a toothy smile, as well as an expression of craziness, and also he enjoys nothing greater than making hats, as well as executing his famous jig, the Futterwacken.

Red Queen

The Red Queen is the antagonist of the movie. She is set on taking over all of Wonderland for herself, and she is an unstable and also unjust ruler, punishing any person who steps out of line to fatality. A fascistic majesty, she is as conveniently affected by flattery as she is angered by disobedience. She makes pets her servants as well as servants, as well as she also beheaded her partner, jealous of his passion in her perfect sibling, the White Queen. An overgrown child, the Red Queen is known for having an unusually huge head, both literally and figuratively.

White Queen

The White Queen is a good and also just leader, benevolent and pleasant in contrast to the Red Queen’s violent and adjustable temperament. The White Queen is kind to the animals and rules fairly, swearing never to cause injury to any type of creature. She is attractive and also kindhearted, however also– like many citizens of Wonderland– a little eccentric.

The White Bunny

The White Rabbit is a nervous character that likes getting on time, although he always appears to be late, adding to his impatience with the various other personalities. The bunny works for the Red Queen yet is additionally secretly component of the resistance to her rule. He is the one that brings Alice into Wonderland after the Hatter orders him to.


Hamish is the priggish and uptight kid that recommends to Alice at the yard party at the start of the movie. He is uncomfortable as well as seems to have no rate of interest in Alice past the fact that a marriage to her would certainly agree with in the eyes of culture.

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