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Alice in Wonderland (2010 film) Summary


The movie starts with a young Alice waking in the center of the night to tell her father that she is having a nightmare. He disturbs a service conference concerning foreign profession courses to tuck her back into bed, where he informs her that she seethes, yet that “all the best people are.”

The film after that leaps 13 years into the future. Alice is almost 20 and also is arriving at a yard event with her mom; her father has passed away. There, Hamish, the child of a service associate of Alice’s daddy, recommends to Alice, before all the guests. Alice tells everyone that she requires a minute as well as starts to adhere to a white rabbit that is wearing a waistcoat to a tree close by. Alice fails the rabbit’s rabbit-hole and discovers herself in an odd room, too huge to fit via the departure door. She finds a container that is identified with a tag “drink me”; she does so, as well as becomes very tiny. She then eats a cake that triggers her to come to be large. At some point, she manages to find the secret and get to the appropriate size to undergo the little door. Opening the door, Alice arises right into a strange landscape, where she is welcomed by the White Bunny, the dormouse, a Dodo Bird as well as Tweedledum and also Tweedledee. They lead her to Absolem, a wise caterpillar, as they believe she might be the Alice they are looking for to bring back power to the White Queen, yet Absolem does not believe she is the one in his prophecy.

Believing she is in a desire, Alice tries to awaken, but fruitless. Soon after, the Bandersnatch, led by the Knave of Hearts, starts to chase them all down. Tweedledee and Tweedledum are plucked from the ground by the Jubjub bird and also required to the castle of the Red Queen, the ruling tyrant. There the Red Queen finds out of the prophecy of Alice beating her Jabberwocky.

Alice, currently alone, fulfills the Cheshire Pet cat, that leads her to a tea ceremony with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, as well as the dormouse. When they hear the Knave of Hearts being available in search of Alice, the Mad Hatter diminishes Alice as well as stuffs her in a teapot. The Knave intimidates everybody with death if they are hiding her, as his bloodhound, the enslaved Bayard sniffs out Alice. The Hatter prompts Bayard to lead the Knave astray, which he does.

With Bayard’s assistance, Alice ultimately arrives at the Red Queen’s castle. There, she eats a bit of cake and also expands a lot bigger. The Red Queen does not know who she is as well as invites her right into her royal residence, thrilled by her size. There Alice finds that the vorpal sword, the weapon with which she is meant to slay the Jabberwocky, is locked in the den of the Bandersnatch. When the Knave of Hearts attempts to attract Alice, the Red Queen becomes enraged with jealousy and also orders for Alice to be beheaded, yet Alice has the ability to escape and fetch the vorpal sword with the help of the Bandersnatch, whose count on she has made. She flights the Bandersnatch to the White Queen’s castle.

At the White Queen’s castle, Alice discovers that she has been to Wonderland before as a youngster. She hasn’t been dreaming any one of this, as well as she unexpectedly is swamped with memories of Paradise. She understands since this is extremely genuine and also her fate is to kill the Jabberwocky. Absolem informs Alice that the vorpal sword recognizes what it desires, all she has to do is hang on to it. The militaries of the Red and also White Queens satisfy on the battleground for a final showdown and the Jabberwocky is released. Alice should lastly face the monster in order to save the kingdom from destruction by the Red Queen and also return sovereignty to the benevolent White Queen. Alice does battle with the Jabberwocky as well as is able to reduce its head off.

The White Queen eliminates the Red Queen and also the Knave of Hearts. When the Knave tries to eliminate the Red Queen the Mad Hatter stops him. The White Queen after that provides Alice a vial of the Jabberwocky’s blood which she is told will certainly approve whatever she wishes. Alice wants to go back to her life in England.

When she returns to the garden party, Alice declines Hamish’s proposition, and also decides to expand her daddy’s shipping and trade path with his organisation companion. She is last seen on a ship heading to China, where Absolem, currently a butterfly, lands on her shoulder.

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