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Alice in Wonderland Ch. 5-6 Comprehension Questions


Alice in Paradise Ch. 5-6 Understanding Questions

Why did Alice and also the Caterpillar’s conversation seem to go in circles?
Neither of them would certainly respond to the various other one’s concerns.
How did Alice obtain herself back to the best dimension?
She took bites of the mushroom up until she was back to regular.
What happened when Alice took a bite of the right side of the mushroom?
She virtually diminished to absolutely nothing prior to she had the ability to take a bite of the left side of the mushroom which helped her grow once more.
That did the Lady phone call pig?
The child she was feeding.
Which component of Alice’s body had grown after she consumed the mushroom?
Her neck.
What was various regarding the cat in the cooking area?
It was smiling.
Why was the Pigeon upset at Alice?
The Pigeon assumed Alice was a serpent attempting to access the eggs in her nest.
What stunned Alice about the Duchess’s baby?
The baby developed into a pig.
Exactly how did the Cheshire Pet cat keep shocking Alice?
The Cheshire Cat maintained appearing as well as going away without any notice.
Why did Alice determine to go to the March Hare’s residence instead of the Mad Hatter’s house?
She already knew some hatters.
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