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Alice in Wonderland Character List




The heroine of the story. Her adventures begin with her fateful jump down the rabbit opening, and the story is an extensive metaphor for the difficulties she will deal with as she grows into a grownup. She has unusual composure for a child, and also she seems bright yet makes several lovely mistakes. She grows extra positive as the book advances.

White Bunny

Alice’s experiences start when she adheres to the White Rabbit down the rabbit-hole. He is a messenger and also a herald at the Court of the King as well as Queen of Hearts. He wears a waist-coat and also lugs a watch.

Computer mouse

Alice satisfies the computer mouse while swimming in the swimming pool of splits. He hates felines as well as dogs, and also he starts to tell Alice a troubling tale about being put on trial. He is extremely sensitive.


A lizard in the solution of the White Rabbit. When Alice is a giant and embeded the White Bunny’s house, she kicks Bill out of the chimney. Bill is likewise among the jurors at the test at the end of guide.


Wise, enigmatic, as well as unshakably mellow, the Caterpillar gives Alice some beneficial advice concerning exactly how to manage in Wonderland. He smokes a hookah and sits on a mushroom. He provides Alice the beneficial gift of the mushroom (one side making her bigger, and the other making her tiny), which offers her control of her size in Wonderland.

The Pigeon

The Pigeon is afraid for her eggs, as well as errors Alice for a snake. Alice attempts to factor with her, but the Pigeon forces her away.


When Alice initially fulfills the Lady, she is a disagreeable lady taking care of a baby and saying with her chef. Later, she is placed under sentence of implementation. The Lady seems different when Alice satisfies her a second time, later on in the book, and Alice notifications that the Lady speaks only in rub morals.


Argumentative, and also convinced that pepper is the essential ingredient in all food. She first shows up at your home of the Duchess, where she is tossing every little thing in sight at the Duchess as well as the baby. Later on, she is a witness at the trial of the Knave of Hearts.


The infant the Duchess registered nurses. Alice is worried about leaving the kid in such a terrible setting, so she takes him with her. He develops into a pig.

Cheshire Feline

Possessing remarkably sharp claws as well as disconcerting sharp teeth, the Cheshire cat is considerate as well as practical, despite his frightening look. His face is fixed in a creepy smile. He can make any kind of and also all components of his body go away and also come back.


A psycho who sits constantly at tea, every considering that Time stopped working for him. He takes his tea with the March Hare as well as the Dormouse. Alice is momentarily their visitor, although she finds the occasion to be the stupidest tea ceremony she has actually ever attended. Later on, the nervous hatter is required to be a witness at the trial.

March Hare

Having fun with the expression, “Mad as a March Hare,” Carroll places him in the company of the crazy Hatter and also the narcoleptic Dormouse. Their unusual tea ceremony is at the March Hare’s house.

The Dormouse

One more visitor at the crazy tea party. He can’t appear to remain awake. He is likewise one of the observers at the trial.

2, Five, as well as Seven

These 3 regrettable garden enthusiasts are battling to repaint the Queen’s roses, as they planted white roses by chance and also now fear for their lives. Like the other individuals benefiting the queen, they are shaped like playing cards. When the Queen orders their beheading, Alice conceals them.

Queen of Hearts

Unpleasant, harsh, and loud, the Queen enjoys ordering executions, although everybody appears to get absolved in the end. Individuals of Wonderland are terrified of her. Although Alice originally believes she is silly, she grows frightened of her. Ultimately, nevertheless, a giant-size Alice is able to withstand the Queen’s mood as well as her threats.

King of Hearts

Somewhat outweighed by his loudmouthed wife, the King of Hearts is an extremely dense figure. He makes dreadful jokes, and also can not seem to state anything clever. Alice outreasons him fairly well at the trial.


The Gryphon, mythical animal that is half eagle and also fifty percent lion, takes Alice to sea the Mock Turtle. He went to undersea school with the Mock Turtle.

The Mock Turtle

The Mock Turtle is always sobbing, and also he as well as the Gryphon informs tales loaded with puns. His name is one more use words (simulated turtle soup is a soup that in fact utilizes lamb as its meat active ingredient).

The Knave of Hearts

The unfavorable Knave is the male on test, accused of swiping the tarts of the Queen of Hearts. The proof produced versus him is unjustified.

Alice’s sister

She helps to anchor the story, appearing at the start, prior to Alice starts her journeys, as well as at the end, after Alice wakes up from her weird desire. Her visibility lets us know that Alice is once more in the real life, in the comfort of house and family.

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