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“Alice in Wonderland”: Focus on Word Play


“Alice in Wonderland”: Concentrate On Word Play

Lewis Carroll, birthed Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, 1832-1898, was not only an author, however a mathematician as well, which is possibly why he liked puzzles as well as puns (Lewis pp). His facility at word play, logic as well as dream has delighted and mesmerized audiences for more than a century (Lewis pp). His job appeals to both the naive as well as one of the most advanced, and also has been a source of impact of several significant the twentieth century authors, such as James Joyce and Jorge Luis Borges (Lewis pp).

From Phase IX in “Alice in Paradise,” Alice asked, “Why did you call him Tortoise if he had not been one”… to which the Mock Turtle madly replies, “We called him Tortoise because he educated us” (Carroll 127). Carroll’s love for mathematics is apparent in Chapter IX in “Through the Looking Glass,” when the White Queen asked Alice, “Can you do Enhancement … What’s one as well as one and one and one as well as one and also one and also one and also one and one and one” (Carroll 320)? However asked, “Can you do Subtraction … Take nine from 8” (Carroll 320). The Red Queen said, “What do you mean is using a youngster with no definition. Even a joke needs to have some significance as well as a child’s more important than a joke, I really hope” (Carroll 319). In Chapter XII of “Alice in Paradise,” the King stated, “After that the words do not fit you … It’s a word play here” (Carroll 160).

The significance of “Wonderland” hinges on nonsense, and also Carroll utilizes it both to produce humor and also pleasure, as additionally to make factors regarding language, logic, and also identification (L pp).

Language and fact turn into one, as well as “by showing the arbitrary nature of one through artful word-play and also word play heres, Carroll makes a solid implicit statement concerning the value of the other” (L pp).

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