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Alice in Wonderland Lesson Plan


If all of the elements of this lesson plan are employed, students will
create the following powers, skills, and understanding:

  1. 1

    If every one of the components of this lesson plan are utilized, pupils will establish the adhering to powers, skills, and also understanding:

    1. In conversations and created jobs, pupils will comprehend that the author’s intent is often unimportant which texts can be subject to deep as well as wide analysis in a variety of ways– that there is no solitary right response which the textual evidence can result in several destinations.

    2. Students will be comfortable with rubbish as well as facility textual jokes, able to interpret word play heres and puzzles.

    3. Students will certainly enhance their understanding of the Victorian period that created Carroll as well as Alice, its strictures as well as its ideals.

    4. Students will certainly get a gratitude for the ways in which different media totally transform a work– the same idea offered in music, theater, film, video game, graphic novel or book form will certainly offer various points to the reader/viewer.

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