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Alice in Wonderland Lesson Plan


Alice’s Experiences in Heaven is most certainly linked to Lewis Carroll’s other job about Alice, “Through the Lookingglass,” and also his other tales and also poems, like “Jabberwocky,” which utilize comparable types of rhyme and nonsense. Carroll’s work is deeply entwined with other Victorian works of children’s literature also, like “Peter Pan,” “The Wind in the Willows,” and the verse of Edward Lear. It might also be interesting to check out “Flatland,” a mathematical book from the 1880s.

In the contemporary age, Alice’s story can be attached certainly to kids’s literary works concerning fantastical trips (“The Phantom Tollbooth” would certainly be a wonderful pairing), or to practically any kind of fantasy or sci-fi novel concerning taking a trip via an unfamiliar world.

Carroll’s job has directly inspired a number of books, consisting of James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, though it would be difficult to advised that for any kind of but one of the most exceptional secondary school readers.

There is a huge corpus of jobs adapted from, based upon, and motivated by Paradise, which can supply numerous interesting angles, from contemporary Victorian political apologies to jobs drawing from Heaven’s deep partnership with medication culture (e.g., Go Ask Alice). The Wikipedia write-up “Functions Based on Alice in Wonderland” gives a superb starting factor for checking out the long lasting cultural impact of Wonderland.

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