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Alice in Wonderland Lesson Plan


There are a number of movies of Alice’s tale that are readily available– obviously the animated Disney film and the current Time Burton adjustment, however additionally a number of others that might work to pupils. There is also an interesting audiobook version available online at www.wiredforbooks.org/alice and also a number of interactive computer game based on the tale, all of which can assist involve pupils in the tale.

In the Day 3 task “Of Its Age” pupils will certainly contrast various film variations of Alice to contrast just how various periods have used the Alice tale to share social mores.

In the Day 4 activity “Alice: The Game” pupils will use mixed media elements to develop a video game based on the book.

There is likewise www.online-literature.com/carroll, a searchable database of Carroll’s writings, though it will certainly be more useful to discover an annotated version of guide. Pupils with iPads can download and install the mostly interactive iPad application, which transforms Alice’s adventures right into a game.

Much less evident yet maybe extra intriguing are the interactive games Carroll developed to instruct symbolic reasoning as well as other math concepts. Trainees will possibly delight in these video games as well as challenges (like the reasoning troubles presented below: http://www.onlinemathlearning.com/tangled-tale.html), and also an awareness of Carroll’s mathematics background will allow them understand to be on the lookout for such points in the story.

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