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Alice in Wonderland Lesson Plan



Victorian Internet Portal for Lewis Carroll


A choice of short essays discussing Carroll’s impact and area in Victorian society, as well as specifying on numerous themes of Alice’s experiences as they connect to Victoriana.

Alice’s Journeys in Wonderland Audiobook


A cost-free collection of sound data where students can hear the book checked out loud.

Lewis Carroll Bio and Works


A searchable collection of Carroll’s prose and also poetry

Lewis Carroll: Twisted Story


A series of puzzles crated by Lewis Carroll that are basically math as well as logic challenges

Alice in Wonderland (1903 )

A video of the first Alice movie ever made.

Curiouser and Curiouser


A section of a fascinating project from Carleton University discussing Alice’s journeys. This listing explores the mathematics jokes present in Alice’s Adventures in Heaven and the ways in which Carroll integrates mathematical concepts.

White Rabbit

A recording of Jefferson Aircraft’s Alice-themed track “White Rabbit.”



An e-version of the text of both Alice books, with the Tenniel pictures included.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos


An episode of Carl Sagan’s show concerning scientific research that makes use of Alice and also a few of the various other personalities to show points about gravity.

Alice on the Wall


Apparently, Pink Floyd’s cd The Wall syncs flawlessly with the 1951 animated Alice movie. Below’s a clip of both together.

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