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Alice in Wonderland Quiz 1

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  • makes her tiny. 8 The impacts of food and also beverage in Wonderland show
  • ” worth=” the dangers of speaking to unfamiliar people” > the threats of speaking to strangers. 9 While little, Alice slides and also comes under a body of deep sea. She recognizes that this water is
    the Mediterranean.
  • the exclusive sea of the Queen of Hearts. 10 Alice meets up
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  • 13 Alice handles to annoy all the birds by
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  • Sam, the bobcat. Expense, the reptile. 17 After escaping the White Bunny’s house, Alice wanders in the timbers. While tiny, Alice tries to play with an animal, but her size makes it hazardous. This animal is a scorpion. a pup. a praying mantis. a kitty. 18 Alice locates an extremely smart Caterpillar. The Caterpillar is resting on top of a lotus bloom. a sedan chair with no bearers. a lily pad. a mushroom. 19 The Caterpillar, among other points, suggests to Alice that change is all-natural. the Queen of Hearts need to be avoided in any way prices. there is no distinction in between being a little lady and also being a little child. Large People are bad and also children are good. 20 The Caterpillar recommends Alice to take items from both sides of the mushroom. He tells her that one side will deliver her to the Garden; the opposite side will send her house. one side will certainly make her larger, and also the opposite side will certainly make her small. one side is toxic, and also the opposite side can heal any kind of illness. one side will make her super-strong, and also one side will make her super-fast. 21 The Caterpillar can best be described as cranky and daring. fast-moving and packed with love. wise, rather contrary, and extremely smooth. silly and extremely argumentive. 22 When Alice’s neck is stretched out, she meets a Pet protecting her young puppies. Zebra securing his red stripes. Pigeon guarding her eggs. Watchdog safeguarding his pets. 23 Outside your home of the Duchess, Alice sees a large butterfly. a field of huge mushrooms. a field of huge catheads. a Frog-Footman and a Fish-Footman. 24 Inside your house, the Lady is beheading a Footman. making soup. consuming a ham. nursing a child. 25 The air in the Lady’ residence has plenty of flying fish. pepper. the scent of anchovies. treacle.

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