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Alice in Wonderland Quiz 2

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  • ” worth=” cards” > cards croquet othello 9 The game is unusual since the card game is played using the queen’s courtiers< input type= "radio" name =" question [
  • 8] value=”the bridge video game is used a worn out bridge” > the bridge game is used a rotting bridge the spheres are hedgehogs and also the clubs flamingoes the items are little white as well as black insects 10 The game is interfered with by the look of a giant pup the Caterpillar, now a Butterfly Tweedle-Dee as well as Tweedle-Dum the Cheshire feline 11 The Gryphon takes Alice to see the Flock Turtle Sea Turtle Mock Turtle King of Hearts 12 Alice observes the test of the Knave of Hearts the King of Hearts the Queen of Diamonds the Jack of Spades 13 The court at the trial is the White Bunny the King of Hearts the Queen of Hearts the Cheshire pet cat 14 Alice locates the process of the trial to be unfair, but in some way smart unjustified, yet humorous unfair and also ludicrous ruthless, however reasonable 15 When Alice defies the court and also the cards fly up into her face, she passes away wakes up as well as locates that her adventures were all a dream runs back to the door that leads out of Paradise splits them all up and tosses them away

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