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Alice in Wonderland Summary and Analysis of Chapters 7-9


Alice finds the March Hare, the Hatter, as well as the Dormouse sitting entirely at one end of a big table. The Dormouse rests between the other 2, out cold. They are unpleasant from the beginning, and also Alice’s conversation with them is confusing even by Heaven requirements. They negate Alice at every turn, fixing her with complicated disagreements that have their own weird logic. Much of the conversation has to do with time. The Hatter’s watch, which only tells the day of the month, is broken. The Hatter additionally informs Alice that Time (which he discusses as though it were a person) quit working for him regarding a month back, when the Queen of Hearts accused the Hatter of killing the time. Ever since, it’s always been 6 o’clock, which is why they sit at tea at all times. All the locations at the table are established, since they do not have time to do the recipes. When they desire a tidy plate, they just move to an additional spot.

The Dormouse starts to tell an odd tale concerning 3 sisters that stay in a well; Alice’s questions and also oppositions anger the Dormouse, as well as the Hatter as well as March Hare expand increasingly rude to her. Lastly, Alice leaves, disgusted, turning around as she goes to see the Hatter as well as the Hare attempting to stuff the Dormouse right into a pot of tea.

Alice wanders in the timbers up until she locates a tree with a door in it. She goes within, and also locates herself in the lengthy hallway once more. This time, she’s prepared: she takes the key from the table as well as opens the door to the yard. She then consumes just sufficient mushroom to step with the door, as well as she finds herself in the lovely garden.


The Mad Tea party is an important scene, as the logic/illogic of the March Hare, the Hatter, and also the Dormouse discloses a few of the peculiarities of language. They are some of the most argumentative of the animals Alice satisfies in Paradise, as well as their odd remarks show Carroll’s talent for word games and also reasoning problems. (The viewers need to take a minute to look at a few of these important scenes up-close, as evaluating every word play here and also little bit of crazy thinking would be as well taxing for this summary. Of certain note are the scenes with the caterpillar, the Cheshire feline, and also the Mad Tea Party.) The illogic of language and the relationship between sense, nonsense, as well as words is a crucial motif of guide. At one point, Alice objections that she states what she suggests, or at least, she means what she states. She firmly insists that both are the same point. Yet the creatures right, utilizing examples of comparable flipped sentences where the significances are completely various. (Example: “I like what I get” and “I get what I like.”)

Alice is taking part in that most adult of tasks, a tea party, and she meets several of the most difficult creatures she has actually ever fulfilled. However she generally maintains her composure, holding her very own versus the 3 tea-takers and also taking care of to expect some of their conclusions and also guidelines. She likewise is clever sufficient to leave when she’s had enough.

The themes of growing up and learning the rules come up in Alice’s triumphant access into the garden. Unlike the very first time, when she sobbed as well as could not preserve control of herself, she continues to be tranquil as well as uses her head to get to the garden.

Chapter 8: The Queen’s Croquet Ground


Alice enters the garden as well as locates 3 garden enthusiasts, formed like playing cards, fast repainting the white roses of a rose tree. Alice asks why they are painting the roses red, as well as one of the gardeners (both) admits to her that the tree was intended to be a red climbed tree. If the Queen learnt more about the error, she would cut off their heads.

The procession of the queen gets here. There are a good several soldiers formed like cards, like the gardeners; there are likewise the imperial youngsters, different guests, and also the white rabbit. Last come the Knave of Hearts as well as the King and Queen. The procession stops opposite of Alice, and the Queen demands to understand Alice’s identity. Alice politely presents herself, but she assumes strongly that she has absolutely nothing to fear: they are only a pack of cards. Her respond to the Queen are lively, and also she declines to be frightened by the Queen’s bluster. The Queen demands to recognize the identities of the three garden enthusiasts, who have tossed themselves, facedown, onto the ground. She has the unfortunate garden enthusiasts turned over, to make sure that their numbers as well as suits are exposed, and also when she sees the roses she orders their beheading. The soldiers come forward, and the garden enthusiasts run to Alice for defense. Alice secretly hides them in a big flowerpot.

The soldiers report that the garden enthusiasts are gone, and the Queen seems to forget them. She welcomes Alice to play croquet. Alice complies with the Queen and also speak to the White Rabbit: from him, she discovers that the Lady is under a sentence of execution. Alice quickly learns that croquet in Heaven is quite challenging. The spheres are real-time hedgehogs, the clubs are real-time flamingoes, as well as the hoops are the card-people, bent over so that their bodies make arcs. No one is waiting their turn, and the Queen is soon in a fierceness. Alice starts to fret that the Queen’s fierceness will be transformed against her.

The head of the Cheshire cat appears, to Alice’s relief. Lastly, she has a person civil to speak to. She whines to him about the quarrelsome players and the difficult game. When the cat asks just how she suches as the Queen, Alice confesses she doesn’t like her much whatsoever. When Alice notices that the Queen is eavesdropping, she efficiently makes a save and also the Queen walks away, completely satisfied. The king asks whom Alice is speaking with, as well as from the start the King and also Cheshire pet cat do not get on. The king demands its execution and goes to fetch the death squad himself. Alice attempts to play croquet some a lot more, but discovers it hopeless; she returns to discover the death squad, the King, as well as the Queen suggesting, with the Cheshire cat calmly enjoying. The executioner argues that because the feline is just a head, he can not be beheaded. The king suggests that anything that has a head can be beheaded. The Queen intimidates to behead every person if they do not locate a remedy. They ask Alice to moderate, and Alice recommends that they bring the Duchess; it’s her feline, after all. By the time the Duchess is yielded, the cat has disappeared.


Alice originally deals with the Court of Cards with excellent confidence; she frankly says to herself that they are just a pack of cards, and she has absolutely nothing to fear. She is much more powerful than when she initially arrived in Paradise. Her confidence comes through when she saves the lives of the three garden enthusiasts.

But Alice soon recognizes that although the people of the Court are just a pack of cards, their nature does not make them any kind of less harmful. The Court of Cards, like individuals of power in the real world, count on rank and outfit for their condition. Carroll transforms rank as well as outfit right into a video game, mocking it; nonetheless, he does not refute that absurd individuals can be frightening or hazardous. Alice begins by assuming she has nothing to fear, yet as she invests even more time with the Queen of Hearts she becomes significantly anxious.

The motif of video games, and also discovering their guidelines, is central in this phase. Alice is discovering to get along in a social set of powerful people; Carroll makes this adjustment into a sort of video game by turning the court into a deck of cards. Alice likewise has to adjust to an extremely challenging video game of croquet. Part of her trouble is recognizing that no one else is paying any type of attention to the policies; often, learning to play ways more than finding out the regulations.

The disagreement about beheading the Cheshire cat is extra enjoyable with rubbish, as the king suggests that anything that has a head can be beheaded and the executioner says that being beheaded actually needs having a body. Alice is made up sufficient to moderate.

The Cheshire cat is just one of minority pets in Wonderland who deals with Alice with courtesy. He is a number comparable to the Caterpillar, because he appears peaceful and unbothered by the complication of Heaven. He is not impressed by the King’s dangers, as well as he conveniently leaves when his safety is intimidated.

Phase 9: The Mock Turtle’s Story


The Lady is strangely civil to Alice; she walks with her and also involves her in discussion. Alice finds it fairly undesirable, as the Duchess maintains digging her sharp chin right into Alice’s shoulder. The Lady additionally talks virtually exclusively in cliché precepts; she manages find an ethical in whatever Alice says or notices. They reach the Queen, that tells the Lady to escape or shed her head. The Lady runs. Alice returns nervously to the croquet game. The Queen keeps shouting “Off with her/his head,” and also within half a hr, all of the other gamers have actually been collared as well as placed under sentence of implementation. Because the Card-Soldiers were working as the arcs for croquet, there are no arches left. The Queen announces that they shall go discover the Mock Turtle (the sort of turtle one uses to make Mock Turtle Soup) to make sure that he can tell Alice his tale. As they leave, Alice listens to the King silently pardon every one of the prisoners.

Alice as well as the Queen bump into the Gryphon, whom the Queen wakes. She buys the pet to take Alice to the Mock Turtle. The Queen goes back to see after her implementations, and the Gryphon ensures Alice that they never truly execute anyone. She involves the Mock Turtle, whose eyes are full of rips. He starts to inform his story. When, he was a real turtle. He and also the Gryphon digress and also speak about the weird college that they went to at the end of the sea. The description has plenty of puns. Alice’s inquiries aggravate the Gryphon as well as the Turtle, who are at times quite disagreeable.


The Lady appears various, yet her modification in behavior actually reflects how Alice has changed. She is no more the intimidating figure that acted imperiously to Alice; she is instead an instead ridiculous woman, packed with saying wisdom that degenerates into rubbish. Alice is now able to see her clearly. The Lady’ tendency to find a moral in whatever satirizes the simplified moralizing children’s literary works of Carroll’s time; now, Alice has grown enough to check out the Lady critically.

Simulated Turtle is another video game with language. Mock turtle soup is in fact constructed from veal, which is why the initial images for the book show a turtle with a calf’s head. The description of the college is full of word play heres, with several minute of actual cleverness. The Mock Turtle claims that the turtle that taught the others was called a Tortoise; Alice asks why he was called a Tortoise if he was a Turtle. The answer is that he was called a Tortoise due to the fact that he showed the others. This joke is in fact a picture of the interference between indication and signified; language, in other words, is arbitrary. Turtle is an arbitrary audio, as well as it need not imply the pet. To the Gryphon as well as the Mock Turtle, mentor is part of the interpretation of “Turtle.” The French thinker Derrida writes about this quality of language, as well as his work has had a fantastic influence on linguistics as well as literary concept.

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