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Alice in Wonderland Themes



Development into Adulthood

This motif is central to both books. Alice’s journeys parallel the journey from childhood to the adult years. She comes into many brand-new scenarios in which adaptability is definitely needed for success. She shows significant development throughout the course of the book; initially, she can hardly maintain enough calmness to maintain herself from crying. By the end of the novel, she is self-possessed as well as able to hold her own versus one of the most baffling Wonderland reasoning.

Size adjustment

Carefully attached to the above motif, dimension adjustment is an additional repeating principle. The remarkable changes in dimension mean the radical changes the body goes through during adolescence. The trick, once more, is flexibility. Alice’s size adjustments likewise cause a modification in perspective, as well as she sees the world from a very different sight. In the last test scene, her growth right into a giant shows her indoor development. She comes to be a much more powerful, self-possessed individual, able to speak up against the ridiculous process of the test.


This theme is much more existing in the 2nd Alice book, Through the Looking Glass. Alice often refers to her very own death without recognizing it. Childhood is a state of risk in Carroll’s view: children are quite prone, and the world presents several dangers. An additional element of death is its inevitability. Because the Alice books are at origin regarding change (the transition from youth to adulthood, the passage of time), death is unavoidable as a theme. Death is the last action of this procedure of development. While death is just hinted at in the first book, the 2nd publication is saturated with references to mortality and also macabre wit.

Gamings/ Finding Out the Guidelines

Every brand-new encounter is something of a game for Alice; there are regulations to find out, and effects for learning or otherwise finding out those regulations. Games are a continuous component of life in Wonderland, from the Caucus race to the strange croquet suit to the truth that the imperial court is a living deck of cards. As well as every brand-new social experience resembles a game, in that there are bizarre, apparently arbitrary regulations that Alice needs to master. Learning the guidelines is a metaphor for the adjustments to new social scenarios that every youngster makes as she grows older. Mastering each difficulty, Alice expands wiser as well as more versatile as time takes place.

Language and Logic/Illogic

Carroll delights in puns. The Alice publications are chockfull of games with language, to the visitor’s joy and Alice’s confusion. The games commonly mention some variance or slipperiness of language in general and also English in particular. Guides explain the discomforts and also benefits of language. Language provides pleasure and also versatility; it can likewise give fantastic complication.

Equally as baffling is the strange logic at the workplace in Paradise. Every creature can validate the most absurd behavior, and also their disagreements for themselves are frequently rather intricate. Their odd reasoning is one more resource of pleasure for the visitor and also difficulty for Alice. She needs to learn to recognize between uncommon reasoning and utter nonsense.

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