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Alice in Wonderland. White Rabbit Lines


Alice in Heaven. White Rabbit Lines

Yo white bunny you get on
Oh dear
How trendy is that! I wonder what the appropriate point to claim to a talking bunny?
Oh dear dear
What where are you going to?
Well given that you asked you see the queen of hearts is throwing this
Curiouser and also curiouser! Have not you far better be going then?
I don’t think I have actually described myself quite totally
You have you have
Please be quiet time is of the essence
Charm without virtue is like a flower without fragrance
Tempus fugit
I suggest, how do you do, my name is
Mary anne mary anne hurry I can not locate my handwear covers
Yet my name isn’t
Mary anne ginger gilligan I uncommitted what your name is do not argue with me youre making me later after that I currently am hurry my handwear covers someplace in this house I’m late
Oh no! I can’t go out in this home dress. I’ve got to do something
Assist help there’s a beast in my residence and also I’m late
I’m not a beast I’m a little woman. OK, huge little girl
Aid help there’s a large little woman in my home and also I’m still late
Will burn the house down
Really did not your mommy ever inform you not to have fun with matches?
Just hurry please I’m
Only 354 times. Not that any individual’s checking
Mad hatter claims “peanut butter! “
Peanut butter
Hurry we’re shedding him
Oh no no no
I understand! Wasn’t it fun? Allow’s do it once more!
Oh no now I’ll never arrive on time
Repainting the roses red
Focus attention inhabitants and also subjects and all various other direct or indirect objects of paradise fall to your knees as well as shiver prior to her marvelous majesty her imperial regality your preferred majesty of mean and also mine of course individuals the one the only the queen of hearts
And also let’s not neglect the king of hearts
Oh yeah him as well
Royal cardsmen say Simon claims
All royal cardsmen on deck for the royal competition of simon says since the queen states so that’s why
Good but make it fast I want to see her head rolling about like a bowling round
All put together for the high tribunal of alice vs queen of hearts
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