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All My Sons: Miller’s Chief Criticism of American Society Essay


A shot was heard throughout the Keller house as Joe ended his guilty, worthless life. Miller slams that American society has become corrupt- a place of selfishness, where people care too much about themselves, and that which benefits them, and will go to any lengths to accomplish that objective; even if the effects of their actions will bring harm to other individuals. He stresses that cash appears to be the essential element that drives society to this level of corruption. Miller stresses this point in numerous methods.

The very first example is that Keller purposefully ships out split cylinder heads, that will crash an aircraft if utilized, to avoid his organisation from declaring bankruptcy, declaring that he did it for his family. The 2nd example is that Sue would rather Jim make allot of cash, and refrain from doing medical research study- which is what he truly wished to do. The third example is Jim’s abdication of his pursuit of medical research do to the lack of profit included.

In his play “All My Boys,” Miller makes it evident that society in general values cash and revenue more than human life.

He reveals this by his portrayal of Keller. Keller ships out broken cylinder heads, mindful that in flight they will cause airplanes to crash, to save his service from being shut down. Furthermore, he goes on to permit the blame to fall on Steve, in order to conserve himself from going to prison, despite the fact that Steve was not the only one guilty. Keller tries to rationalize his actions by stating that he committed this abhorrent act for the advantage of his family- so that they will have cash and everything else they need and can live happily.

“Chris … Chris I did it for you. It was a chance and I took it for you.” This represents the human attribute of creating a false sense of innocence in spite of ones guilty actions- and conscience. Sincerity just comes out of ones guilty conscience when it benefits them. Take legal action against would rather have Jim generate income than do what he wishes to do- medical research. Apparently she values earnings over allowing an individual to do what he wishes to do- what he delights in doing. “Research pays twenty-five dollars a week minus laundering the hair t-shirt.

You have actually got to give up your life to go into it.” Take legal action against wants to reject Jim his real desire, in order to make more revenue. Miller worries that society has actually become so corrupt, that people would rather do something they do not take pleasure in doing, just for the earnings. Due to greediness, cash has made people quit their dreams and goals looking for more profit. What Jim actually wants to make with his life is research study medication, however stays a medical professional only for the revenue involved.

Take legal action against’s greediness seems to have actually rubbed off on him, and he gives up research study for more cash. “I would love to help mankind on a Warner Brothers income.” By saying this, Jim reveals that earnings means more to him than pursuing his dreams and “assisting mankind.” Miller makes it clear that money, dishonesty, and selfishness take precedence over relationship and human life in our corrupt society. The selfishness that affects one male relationship to another has actually damaged the reality and sincerity that utilized to preside over American society.

He suggests that all these aspects put together are rapidly destroying the standard human values of goodwill and honesty. Evil is prevailing over excellent, and if society continues down the very same path it is on now- a catastrophic clash with humanity- evil will eventually succeed in damaging honesty and righteousness. Maybe the world would be a far better place to reside in if only people thought about the requirements of others, besides their own requirements.

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