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Americanah Quiz 1

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  • Mariama Aisha 7 Who is Obinze?< input
  • Ifemelu’s
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  • like poor people
  • Chinese” > Chinese Mexican 17 What does Ifemelu’s mom’s newfound religious beliefs trigger her to do? Take a ritual bath Dress like a guy Provide Ifemelu up for adoption Cut off her hair 18 Why is Ifemelu’s father fired from his job? He refused to call his boss “Ma’am.”. He declined to work overtime. He declined to pay off government officials. He refused to call his manager “Mummy.”. 19 Who is Sis Ibinabo? Ifemelu’s father’s sis. The female who motivates Ifemelu to make an application for an American visa. A woman at church who leads the women in Sunday Work. Ifemelu’s mother’s sister. 20 How is Aunty Uju really associated to Ifemelu? She is Ifemelu’s cousin, but old enough to be called “auntie.”. She is Ifemelu’s dad’s cousin. She is not associated with Ifemelu, but she was good friends with Ifemelu’s daddy as a child. She is Ifemelu’s grandmother. 21 Why did Obinze’s mom leave Nsukka University? She slapped a male. She was fired for not using a veil while teaching. She left for a sabbatical. A man slapped her. 22 Where do Obinze and Ifemelu very first kiss? At Obinze’s home, after his mother has given them a lecture. At school. At Ginika’s house. At Kayode’s party. 23 Which of Ifemelu’s friends relocates to the United States as a teenager? Obinze. Ranyinudo. Ginika. Aunty Uju. 24 Why do people laugh at Eminike? He is failing a lot of classes in school to go to Nsukka University. He talks about traveling abroad but he’s not from an abundant family. He believes he is Obinze’s buddy, but Obinze really doesn’t care for him. He can’t speak Igbo well. 25 What does Obinze inform Ifemelu as a compliment? She appears like a black American. She appears like an appropriate Nigerian female. She appears like his mother. She appears like Aunty Uju.

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