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Americanah Quiz 3

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  3. Dike ask Ifemelu to prepare for him?
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  5. Speaking Igbo to Dike

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  • 9] value=” Humiliate her in front of the class “> Humiliate her in front of the class Tell her to go back to Africa 11 What element of American university does Ifemelu slam?< input type=" radio" name
  • ” worth=” The American Trainees Association”
  • Have vaginal sex Tidy the toilets Do his paperwork< input type=" radio" name= "question [
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  • ” worth=” Childcare”
  • Eli and Whitney” > Eli and Whitney Taylor and Morgan 16 What occasion causes Ifemelu to stop utilizing an American accent? A telemarketer tells her she sounds absolutely American. Obinze tells her that she sounds absurd. She needs to assist “unwind” a tennis coach. A lady called Cristina Tomas speaks extremely slowly to her. 17 Why is Dike upset one day after camp? He discovered Ifemelu plays soccer with the kids she babysits. He doesn’t know who his dad is. A girl wouldn’t offer him sunscreen. He was called the n-word. 18 Which of these does Ifemelu NOT include as a subset of “American Tribalism”? Region Ideology Religious beliefs Race 19 Who is Curt? Ifemelu’s boyfriend who she fulfills on the train Kimberly’s back-up sitter Ifemelu’s partner and Kimberly’s brother Kimberly’s other half who can’t control their child Morgan 20 Why does Ifemelu cut off her relaxed hair? She wants to evaluate the policies at her office. It starts to fall out. She wishes to connect with other black people. She wants to make a political declaration. 21 What website does Ifemelu start visiting after cutting off her hair? HappilyKinkyNappy.com Raceteenth.com Princeton.edu ASA.com 22 What is the name of the girl Obinze attempts to wed in London? Shan Ifemelu Cleotilde Ranyinudo 23 Who is Nicholas? A guy who cleans bathrooms with Obinze Obinze’s first manager Obinze’s older sibling Obinze’s cousin 24 Who does Ojiugo say “want [s] to be the only black individual in the space”? A lady at Weight Watchers A Black British female Ifemelu Obinze 25 Who does Obinze say he contacts first when he gets to England? Emenike Ojiugo Vincent Nicholas

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