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Americanah Quiz 4

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  • 13].” worth= “She befriends Boubacar.” > She befriends Boubacar.


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  • ” value=”She wishes to see Obama elected president.” > She wishes to see Obama chosen president. Dike attempts suicide. Obinze informs her he does not wish to see her. 16 Who selects Ifemelu up from the airport in Nigeria? Ginika Aunty Uju Ranyinudo Obinze 17 What is the conference of individuals who have recently returned to Nigeria from abroad called? The Nigerpolitan Club The Nigerian Tigers Club Club 57 Been-To Club 18 What spirit does Esther say Ifemelu has? The spirit of husband-stealing The spirit of seductiveness The spirit of modernity The spirit of husband-repelling 19 Who does Ifemelu date while apart from Obinze for seven months? Fred Don Blaine Nigel 20 What does Kosi do in action to Obinze stating he wants a divorce? Sink to her knees Leave with their child to America Tell him that she just wants what’s best for him Try to rub his back 21 What is the last quote of the book? “Can be found in.” “Racism will never ever end.” “Disappear.” “I’m going to chase you till you offer this a chance.” 22 What is the name for a grammatically simplified kind of a language, typically used in post-colonial countries? Sign Language English Pidgin Nest Speak 23 Which of the following is NOT a strong style of the book? Marital relationship Gender Inequality Sincerity Religion 24 Who does Obinze inform Ifemelu he wishes to see every day? Ifemelu Kosi Buchi Nigel 25 What is the name of Adichie’s famous TEDx talk? Feminism from 1980 to Today We Ought to All Be Color-Blind We Need to All Be Feminists Raceteenth

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