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An Analysis and Comparison of the Characters of Chris McCandless and Tim O’Brien in Into the Wild and The Things They Carried


Into the Wild & & The Important Things They Brought

Into the wild has to do with a boy name Chris McCandless otherwise known as Alex, who is a transcendental. In the beginning of the book, Alex grew up in a very puritanical household but Alex becomes rebellious and transcendentalism as he escapes from his family and his life as Christopher McCandless. Alex growing up in the 1980s produced a various outlook on life due to the fact that at this time, there weren’t too many people who were rebellious. No one (total) was actually transcendental. Alex was the very first contemporary Transcendental hero. Around this time people were still living by puritan beliefs so it was very unlikely and unheard of for an individual to go and do all of the important things Alex had actually done. When Alex was floating down the river he was romantic. He knew he wasn’t suppose to do it, he might’ve reversed and went home, however when he did this, he enjoyed it and didn’t care too much of the consequences. Chris wasn’t entirely out of it, he went to college, maintain practically ideal grades, never partied and made the errors teens normally make, and he was really focused on the important things he wished to obtain in life. He lived by, “If you want something in this life, reach out and get it.” Alex made lots of errors as everyone carries out in life, however unlike many individuals who give up on the things they want or hesitate to pursue what they want due to the fact that they hesitate of what society will state, Alex wasn’t. He pursued whatever he desired and would not let anyone inform him otherwise.

In chapter 11, his household points out, “constantly attempting to pull him far from the edge.” In chapters 4 and 5 Alex gets arrested, check outs Arizona, goes to Mexico, invests a night in prison, and quits his task at McDonalds due to the fact that they made him use socks, and not as soon as did Alex reveal any remorse in escaping. Chapters 7 and 8 demonstrate how Alex is a romantic as he constructs many close relationships with individuals he is available in contact with. Although it is easy for him to let go and carry on from these individuals’s lives, he is connected due to the fact that he informs them he will return when he comes back from Alaska. I think Alex satisfies realism when he concerns truth that whatever can’t go as he prepares and he begins passing away. When Westberg informs Alex that he can buy him a plane ticket to Fairbanks to work a little bit longer and make it Alaska by the end of April, Alex informs him, “No, I want to hitch north. Flying would be cheating. It would trash the whole trip.” Alex claiming that this is cheating and him wanting to do things on his own, proves Alex is transcendental. At the end is where Alex puritanical and realism side comes out when he signs his name one last time and as Chris McCandless. At this moment, he desires life. He wants his life back.

The Important Things They Brought is about Tim O’Brien, a young man who is really puritanical and represents realism and rational beliefs. Tim O’Brien grew up in a puritanical household, finishing from high school and attending college. Tim gets a letter that he should take place combating in a war. Tim O’Brien is not pleased at all when he becomes aware of this. He does not want to fight in war because he feel he is too helpful for war. Tim O’Brien declared to be too helpful for war because he is clever and because he hated. Due to Tim’s puritanical beliefs and worry of having to be towered above, he fights in war. Tim is extremely fortunate to have made it through the war, however in his mind he is dead. He suffers deeply because of the important things he had to see and the things he had to do, which only makes him sob. Tim was rational since of the factors he had for not deserving to be pushed into fighting in war. To some, Tim’s factors may appear ludicrous and make him sound absurd or even fearful, but Tim’s reasons were pretty sensible and understanding. He felt certain blood was being shed for unsure reasons. He saw no unity of function, no agreement on matters of approach or history or law. He felt war just wasn’t needed and could truly harm lives because when individuals are dead, you can’t make them undead. Tim is specifying everything that every guy who fought can’t express themselves. No matter how strong guys act when they return house from war, deep down inside they are harmed and weak. O’Brien was fleing from his life that is too made complex to deal with. In many methods, these factors were great factors to do so.

Alex and Tim were extremely alike in numerous ways but likewise very various. Alex was fleing from the life he didn’t desire while Tim was holding tight to the life he needed to leave. Alex and Tim are both puritanical as they strove in high school and college, shaping them into intelligent young men. Alex had the life he didn’t desire but Tim desired, which was liberty, to finish college, and live a terrific life having fantastic fortune. Alex wanted the truth, while Tim had actually experienced the truth which is truth at war. Alex and Tim both kept their feelings inside and never spoke up about how they felt about their circumstances to their households. They just decided to deal with the lives they were offered and to manage it which method they felt was best. Tim had a choice to not combat in war and flee to a different country (which would have resulted in effects eventually), however the puritanical beliefs in him made him do what he UNDERSTOOD was “right” so he fought. Alex was the specific reverse, he didn’t follow his puritanical beliefs, he went rebelled against whatever and everybody and did what he FELT was right. Tim endured his fight and physically made it through but psychologically didn’t which is why he is mentally damaged. Alex didn’t survive his fight and stays mentally harmed due to the fact that he never ever got to discuss all of it with his parents and by then it is too late. Alex was who Tim dream he might have been. He wished he could have been as rebellious as Alex to state no to war and express his beliefs As you can see, the two are extremely alike however still remain somewhat various. Alex is the transcendental young man that Tim could not discover the strength to be. Tim was the puritanical, logical boy Alex refused to be. Both boys pertained to reality at the end of their wars and became reasonable in which they thought.

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