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An Enemy of the People Essay 3


An Adversary of individuals Essay 3

An Enemy of the People Dr. Thomas Stockmann was an identified and caring male that was passionate when it concerned his ideas. Nevertheless, Stockmann was also an idealist who was rather ignorant when it involved reality. As the Clinical Expert of the baths, he intended to expose the truth of the dangers that the bathrooms presented prior to any more individuals became ill. He combated with the eagerness of a true patriot, but was charged of trying to screw up the home town that he was defending and was condemned as a traitor. Was Dr. Stockmann really an enemy of individuals or simply an idealist with all the probabilities against him?

Right from the start of the play it appeared that Dr. Stockmann was a guy of character. He welcomed the business of his fellow townspeople by using food and also beverages to any person who entered the Stockmann house. He was really active around as well as was regularly publishing short articles and handouts concerning different concepts he had to boost the health or lives of his fellow-countrymans. The major factor he took such a strong setting on the issue of the bathrooms was because it concerned the health of the general public. Also after the entire community was against him, Dr.

Stockmann was still keeping an eye out for the health of individuals by not succumbing to the Mayor’s request that he reclaim his accusations in order to save his work. One of the a number of points the doctor had against him was that not many people took his concepts and discoveries seriously. As a result, when he stated that the community’s bathrooms were actually cesspools he didn’t get the response he had actually expected. The Mayor alerted Dr. Stockmann that dealing with the issue of the bathrooms would certainly injure the town financially and also as a result they ought to cover the issue instead.

Dr. Stockmann declined to let people experience ailments from the harmful water just to conserve the town loan. The Mayor retaliated by rejecting that there was as much danger as Stockmann asserted, for that reason transforming the general public against the doctor. Nevertheless, being the optimist that he was, Stockmann thought the fact would prevail and remained to attempt to eliminate the system and teach his searchings for to anybody that would certainly pay attention. His naivete was an additional point preventing Stockmann. When he had the help of he independent newspaper of the town on his side it is easy to understand that Stockmann thought he had the power to conquer authority. But also when the paper rejected to let him publish his short article and the Mayor rejected him the right to hold a person’s conference around hall, Stockmann still believed that he had the bulk on his side. With tough self-reliance he spoke up against the authorities and also accused them of “poisoning the sources of spiritual life”. After that he went on to charge the townspeople of being fools for supporting the authority.

All he got in return was an angry mob of individuals shouting that he was an enemy of the people. Dr. Stockmann continued his fight up until the actual end, rejecting to default although that he had lost his task and also his residence. He drew his family members with each other and also hung on to his beliefs declaring that he will not allow the fact be eliminated by a “conspiracy theory of silence”. Instead, Dr. Stockmann chose to remain in town as well as open an institution in the very area of Captain Horster’s home where he was branded an enemy of individuals.

Below he will teach his children and also various other children the importance of being “freethinkers”. Due to his solid ideas in the truth and his refusal to succumb to authority, the narrow-minded people of the town taken into consideration Stockmann a danger to culture. However, he was merely a gracious and also figured out man with an objective who just really did not appear to recognize when enough sufficed. If Stockmann was really an enemy to individuals he would certainly have been established to ruin them, not identified to save them.

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