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An Enemy of the People Quotes with Page Number


An Enemy of the People Quotes with Page Number

You see, the point is that the toughest man worldwide is he that stands most alone. The majority is never ever ideal

. Never ever, I inform you! That s among these depend on culture that no complimentary as well as smart man can assist rebelling against. Who are individuals that make up the biggest proportion of the populace the smart ones or the fools? Page 123 You ought to never ever wear your finest pants when

you go out to eliminate for liberty as well as reality. Public opinion is an incredibly mutable thing Page 90 One of the most dangerous opponent of the reality and
freedom among us is the compact bulk Oh, yes you can shout me down, I understand!
However you can not answer me

. The majority has could on its side unfortunately; however right it has not. A party is like a sausage maker, it grinds

up all kind of heads together right into the very same humbug Page 43 I remain in revolt against the olden lie that the bulk is always appropriate. There is

a lot fraud both at home as well as at school. At home one needs to not speak, and also at college we need to stand and inform lies to the youngsters. The
greatest male worldwide is he that stands most alone. What kind of truths are they that the bulk typically sustains
? They

are realities that are of such innovative age that they are beginning to separate. As well as if a truth is as old as that, it is additionally in a fair means to come to be a lie, gents

. But a

clinical guy has to reside in a bit of style.

Web page 152 Oh yes

, right right. What is the use of having precisely your side if you have not obtained might? You should never ever use your best pants when you go out to eliminate for flexibility and also truth, Writer The idol of Authority need to be ruined in this community. Dr. Stockmann. I have currently told you that

what I wish to mention is the fantastic exploration I have actually made recently the exploration that all the resources of

our moral life are infected which the opening material of our public area is started on the pestiferous dirt of

fallacy. A generally constituted fact lives, allow us say, generally seventeen or eighteen, or at

most twenty years rarely much longer. The right? Ah, what does it assist to be in the right if you wear t have

any kind of power? Dr. Stockmann: Yes, I can afford it currently. Katherine tells me I gain almost as high as we spend. Peter Stockmann: Nearly yes! Nikada ne treba obla?iti svoje najbolje odelo kad? ovek ide da se bori za slobodu i istinu. A community resembles a ship; everybody should certainly be prepared to take the helm. Å, allmennheten behøver slett ingen nye vessel

. Allmenheten er best tjent med de gamle, gode, anerkjente tanker den allerede har. det kan da vel, for fanden, aldri i evighet være rett at

de dumme skal

herske over de kloke. O inimigo mais perigoso da verdade e da liberdade, entre nós, é a enorme e

silenciosa maioria dos meus concidadãos. A maioria nunca tem razão! Esta é a maior mentira social que já se disse! Todo o cidadão livre deve protestar
contra ela. Quem se constitui na maioria dos habitantes de um país? As pessoas inteligentes ou os imbecis? Estamos

de acordo, penso eu, em afirmar que, em se considerando o globo terrestre como


os imbecis

formam uma maioria esmagadora


(? )!

?!.?.?. Existe uma distância terrível entre o homem de raça e o homem vira-lata. Henrik Ibsen, An Opponent of individuals

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