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An thematic analyisis of The Catcher in the Rye and Of Mice and Men


An thematic analyisis of The Catcher in the Rye as well as Of Computer Mice as well as Male

Many people do not recognize what it seems like not to recognize themselves, however much more specifically, what they’re expected to do with their life. The sensation disconnects them from their existing life, and also when they realize it they are ruined and also do not know where they are or why they exist. The question most individuals ask is just how to get out of the funk, they ask themselves how they obtained this way. In The Catcher in the Rye, Holden attempts to answer these concerns by leaving his daily life. Additionally, in Of Computer Mice and also Guy George searches for were he fits in as he accompanies his emotionally challenged good friend via his life.

Both Holden as well as George attempt to find themselves by neglecting to continue their ordinary daily, routine based lives. In Of Computer mice as well as Men, Steinbeck highlights several of the problems that initiate George to act. George as well as Lennie “ain’t got no individuals” and search for a location were they can work without issues (Steinbeck 45). Lennie creates a lot of the issues the he and George need to face since he maintains destroying points as well as recognizes no better. Sadly, he does not realize just how solid he really is. Other people also create problems for them by cruelly picking on Lennie and making him resist.

Furthermore, George shares just how he “could live so simple” if he did not constantly need to monitor Lennie (11-12). George is having a difficult time coping due to the fact that he’s always having to supervise and keep bailing Lennie out when he gets in trouble rather than just fretting about himself. On top of that, George feels the stress of needing to be accountable for not only himself however, for Lennie partially due to the fact that Lennie is a full grown individual lacking the intelligence to care for himself. George dreams about a location were they belong as well as do not need to run “round the country” (63 ).

They want a place where no one teases them as well as approves them wherefore they are. This is especially vital for Lennie as a result of his debilitating condition. Additionally George and Lennie want there “own area” so they can do what they desire without having to fret about others (63 ). George desires a place were he and also Lennie can live without needing to stress over Lennie triggering an issue as well as hurting things. George is also imagining a location were he is in charge and does not have to take orders from anybody yet himself. While, George shows how he wants something else, he thinks about not needing to be fed bya Jap cook” and also having his “very own area” and also not having to sleep in the bunk residence (63 ). Among the factors George is lonely is because he keeps thinking about the things he doesn’t have as opposed to focusing on the things he does have. George is also partially lonesome due to his lifestyle frequently traveling around from location to place searching for work. George asks Lennie if he is mosting likely to have “difficulty [with] Curley” (32 ). This is an instance of just how George needs to enjoy after Lennie and keep him out of trouble since Curley is their manager.

Additionally this shows how George in fact cares about Lennie’s well being. George’s boss additionally ask him why he experiences “a lot trouble for another individual” (25 ). This only shows how much George in fact appreciates Lennie’s well being due to the fact that his employer can also inform. This also shows what type of a person George is since he’s constantly experiencing trouble for Lennie. In the Catcher in the Rye, Salinger creates the character of Holden with his mindful use undertone. Because Holden is “the most great liar you ever saw in your life” (Salinger 16).

He boasts of being an excellent phony and also has a far better grasp on what kind of decisions he is going to make in the future. Holden’s juvenile propensities and immaturity are in his decisions. In addition he leaves his institution, for the last time, proclaiming loud “rest tight, ya morons!” (52 ). As Holden calls every person in his dorm idiots to help validate his leaving college. His screaming is additionally defiant as a result of just how he snaps irrationally. In addition, Salinger assists develop disobedience in Holden by all the curse words he makes use of; as an example, “Goddamn loan” (113 ).

Holden has no precepts as well as is rebelling because of his lack of respect and acceptance. Also menstruation words make Holden’s morals and thought seem even more adolescent. Also Salinger establishes his story with his use of undertone and the style of discovering oneself. For example, Phoebe states to Holden, “you don’t like anything that’s happening … you do not such as any type of school you do not such as a million things you don’t” (169 ). He doesn’t like anything and also requires to locate where he fits in to this world since Phoebe inform Holden he doesn’t such as anything.

In addition, Holden is sort of an outcast. In addition, when Holden “was the just one left in the burial place … [he] kind of liked it in such a way [because] it was so wonderful and also calm” (204 ). Holden is locating himself because he located something he suches as. Considering that Holden left his college, he tried “to really feel some type of great by … [Because] when [he leaves] an area [he suches as] to understand [he is] leaving it” (4 ). He is searching for himself since when he leaves an area he looks for some convenience or a farewell prior to he does.

Additionally Salinger tells how Holden actually feels regarding leaving one location after an additional. Holden feels very “depressed in the corridor” (51 ). He falls short every one of his courses and also its useless for him to be there. He does not really connect with any one of his peers because he simply stays with himself. Someone asked Holden when is he “going to grow up” (147 ). Holden is trying to find himself since he hasn’t also truly matured yet or decided what he wishes to do with his life. Other people discover exactly how Holden is acting out since they tell him.

Holden tells people he’s trying to get away and find out what he suches as when he claims he “needs to go away” (192 ). This is a call for people to aid him because he’s blown up of his own life. This also assists individuals he knows understand sort of situation he’s experiencing. He likewise “gets the hell out of Pency” to go to New York (51 ). This is when Holden in fact flees to locate himself since he leaves all of his friends behind as well as goes by himself. When he leaves the school due to the fact that he’s not doing well academically or socially at all.

Regardless of just how much an individual attempts to push their issues sideways, the reality is that everybody needs to face them and take control of their very own lives. Because the decisions people make not only impact their own life however other individuals, it is apparent that pushing issues away just harms individuals that care about them. Holden in The Catcher in the Rye runs away from his institution to leave his problems. However, in Of Computer Mice as well as Men George as well as Lennie are forced to go since they have no location to stay. In both of these tales the personalities flee from their problems to leave fact.

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