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Analysis and Evaluation of “Things Fall Apart”.


Analysis and Evaluation of “Things Fall Apart”.

I. Summary “Things Fall Apart” tells the story of the life of the main character, Okonkwo, from an outside storyteller. There are various spatial setting throughout the story including Iguedo and Mbanta while the temporal setting is at the turn of the 19th century. In the start of the story Okonkwo was among them most appreciated males of his people and was constantly moving up the social ladder yearning to sign up with the lords of the tribe.

However, after devoting crimes against the people such as breaking the spiritual Week of Peace and dedicating the murder of one of the tribe’s kinsmen, Okonkwo is banished from the people and is not to return for 7 years. It is while in exile that Okonkwo’s life really breaks down. For while in exile Okonkwo loses his work principles, that his life focused on. Okonkwo fears that upon return to his clan he would not be called the extremely appreciated guy he was before being exiled.

Nevertheless, Okonkwo’s former reputation would not have mattered upon his return anyway for while in exile Okonkwo’s previous clan was taken over by white men. After the 7 years Okonkwo does go back to his tribe in Iguedo and with all the changes brought upon by the white individuals he finds it impossible to recover the honorable stature that he had when he left. Okonkwo is mentally crushed for his life goal is now inaccessible and he now needs to offer into the British control.

Okonkwo gives up and puts an end to all of his issues by killing himself quickly after his go back to his homeland. II. Character. Okonkwo’s character modifications drastically throughout the story. For Okonkwo went from a happy, strong, quick-tempered male that was popular throughout his land, to a male full of self-pity and a quitter by the end. Okonkwo’s modification in character came as his life broke down. Nevertheless, throughout most of the story Okonkwo was called the hardworking male who’s life was ruled by the fear of failure and ending up being like his father.

Among the rules that Okonkwo set for himself that showed his seriousness would be, reveal no feeling besides anger for any other proving of emotion would be thought about a weak point. Okonkwo could have been taken a look at as the reverse of his unimportant dad who was weak, lazy, insolvent, and reckless man with no desire to achieve any of the titles of rank in the tribe. For it was Okonkwo’s hatred and pity of his dad that drove him to be simply the reverse of him.

Nevertheless, it is fascinating that not only does Okonkwo’s kid Nwoye take after his grandpa however Okonkwo ultimately likewise follows in his daddies steps, for he ultimately gives up on life. It is not a surprise that a prideful and goon like Okonkwo would be harsh with his family. Okonkwo was not just rigorous with his kid Nwoye however also with his numerous other halves. This can be revealed for one time Okonkwo beats his spouse when she did not prepare his food on time. On another incident Okonkwo went as far as practically shooting his second partner at the New Yam festival for Okonkwo thought she reduced his banana tree.

Okonkwo’s firmness can also be seen throughout the book. The event highlighting his firmness would be when Okonkwo accepted the task of eliminating Ikemefuna, a young boy that looked up to Okonkwo and even called Okonkwo father. This must have been really hard for Okonkwo on the inside yet he does disappoint it and still carries out the act. Okonkwo even carries out the act after he is asked to not eliminate Ikemefuna by Ogbuefi, the oldest guy of the land who was a very important leader of the clan.

Till completion of the story the only thing that was ever looked badly on Okonkwo’s part was when he dedicated the female version of murder by inadvertently eliminating Ezeudu’s child. Ultimately the factor for Okonkwo’s character was his requirement to live down the disgrace of his daddy and subsequently this changed every value that should be good such as individual and physical strength, hard work, guts and firmness into a weakness. III. Assessment I thought that this was an excellent book which Chinua Achebe did an excellent job of demonstrating how things happened in previous tribes.

This was my 2nd time reading this novel and I got a lot more out of it the second time around. I liked how the book did not drag out the plot for there was constantly one occasion after another. Likewise, the various plot twist that are included the story kept me guessing what was going to occur next. I initially read the book in a history class in order to check out how certain people resembled in Africa in the past. I did not keep in mind much from the story other than that I liked it for the reading was basic and uncomplicated.

I think that this story could have worked even better as different journal entries composed by Okonkwo telling the story from his perspective rather than having a storyteller. However, it is not unlikely that Chinua Achebe as the storyteller is informing a modified story of possibly one of his own member of the family. Likewise, while reading this time I had the ability to take pleasure in the story more rather than having to study the methods the people acted and have to try to find possible bias that the author had.

My favorite books are generally those that do tend to revolve around the life of one character and highlights the character’s challenges in life such as the book The Catcher in the Rye. I had the ability to associate with Okonkwo at times such as when he was unable to reveal his inner feelings. For as a member of the football group if I were to ever show weakness such as being distressed when getting chewed out by the coach or perhaps revealing exhaustion after a tough practice I would be looked at as weak despite the fact that everybody on the group understands they have these exact same emotions and feelings.

Likewise, I can connect to the method Okonkwo does not wish to fall into the exact same steps of his dad for I, while loving and respecting my daddy, also aim to outshine my daddy and be more effective than him. What I had the ability to get of the story was to not set goals that are too expensive which even the great characteristics in life such as effort and strictness can become a weakness if they are pressed to the extreme.

Likewise, I had the ability to see that a person needs to be nice to individuals no matter where they live for even Okonkwo needed to say sorry to a much lower guy after insulting him at a conference. What I likewise plan to take from this story is the support that even when things do not go my method to still not quit on my goals and give up like Okonkwo did. In short I enjoyed reading this book for it was formatted similar other stories I like, I had the ability to connect to Okonkwo through out the story, and I had the ability to find out new life lessons while having others strengthened.

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