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Analysis of A Good Man is Hard to Find


Analysis of A Great Guy is Tough to Discover

A household of a grandmother, on her journey to Florida from Atlanta, in addition to her son, her daughter in law and the three grandchildren is what A Good Man is Difficult to Find is about.

The grandmother preferred going to Tennessee rather of the journey to Florida. She even informed them of the violent criminal ‘The Misfit’ running totally free where they wish to go. Nevertheless, their opinions remain the same and so do their plans. However, she manages to covertly bring her cat along.

On the trip, Bailey, her son, began driving them throughout an old plantation. It reminded the grandmother of her past and she wanted to visit it once again. Informing the kids there’s a concealed panel in your home, she got them curious and they got Bailey to agree unwillingly. Driving down a dirt covered roadway, it occurs to the grandmother that this isn’t the plantation she as soon as checked out.

Embarrassed, she unintentionally kicks some stuff over and unintentionally releases the feline that she was hiding, who then leaps onto Bailey’s head causing a little mishap.

They are approached by a car, from which the Misfit walks out, accompanied by two other guys. Acknowledging him, the grandma determines the group. The males take Bailey and John, his child, to the woods and she hears shots following. Next, the men take Bailey’s better half, her daughter and baby to the woods and again there are shots heard. Desperately begging for her life, the granny tells the Misfit that she knows he’s actually a good guy and asks him to pray.

The Misfit, somewhat captivated by this, begins a conversation about good, crime, penalty and Jesus. After a while, the granny taps the Misfit on the shoulder stating “Why you are among my infants, among my own excellent kids” before the Misfit flinches, however there is no one left to hear the shot.

What “Goodness” Way

O’Connor says, “In case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know simultaneously that she was a lady”, which goes to reveal what the grandmother signified as “good” within her very appropriate and well-primed taking a trip clothes.

The hypothetical mishap where there should be numerous other elements of anxiety, including her safety, her family’s death and her own death, is rather more about what a complete stranger’s views of her would be. She does not show any concern about the state of her mind in her imagined time of death, though that might likewise be due to the fact that she considered the personality of her soul to be spotless as her used “navy blue straw sailor hat with a lot of white violets on the brim”.

She constantly pleads to the Misfit with superficial understandings of goodness. She pleads him to not shoot somebody like her who is a “lady” almost as if eliminating somebody refers etiquette. Furthermore, she informs the Misfit that she knows that he’s “not a bit common” indicating pedigree is in some way connected to morality.

At that point, the Misfit acknowledges that he knows that he “ain’t a good man”, nevertheless, he likewise concurs that he “ain’t the worst in the world either”.

The grandmother loses herself slowly after the ‘accident’, her beliefs begin falling apart similar to her hat. “Still pinned to her head however the broken front brim standing at a jaunty angle and the violet spray hanging off the side”, a scene which describes her superficial ideology as whimsical and vulnerable.

O’Connor describes as Bailey was taken to his murder, she “rose to adjust her hat brim as if she were going to the woods with him but it came off in her hand. She stood staring at it and after a 2nd she let it fall on the ground”, a scene which depicts the truth crashing down on her, her things of significance failing on her, her worths tainted and the grandmother needs to cramp and stagger and nibble to discover their replacements.


What she followed was the practice of praise, however it’s as if she never ever knew (or had forgotten) how to hope. O’Connor composes, “Lastly she discovered herself stating, ‘Jesus, Jesus,’ significance, Jesus will assist you, but the way she was stating it, it sounded as if she might be cursing”.

The Misfit who freely rejected Jesus stating, “I’m doing all right by myself”, in fact was annoyed with his faith, or absence thereof. He states “It ain’t ideal I wasn’t there” recommending he has actually pondered over Jesus and his faith.

When at death’s door, the granny was doing things unbecoming of a woman much to her irritation. However, right before she fulfilled her end, the granny reaches out to the Misfit saying, “Why you are among my infants. You are among my own children!” showing the grandmother’s restored acceptance of the connections of human beings. She might have finally acknowledged the truth that Misfit might already understand of the non-existence of a good male, that there are piety and evil within everybody, including her.

This may have been the grandma’s crucial moment as O’Connor points out “her head cleared for an instant” recommending this one minute as her proof of knowledge. The Misfit was shaken from her touch; nevertheless, he soon ends her life. The writer describes “her face smiling up at the cloudless sky” suggesting she died lastly comprehending what it implied to be ‘good’.

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