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Analysis of Beowulf with Focus on Spirituality


Beowulf: Faiths of the moment

Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem going back to regarding 1000 A.D. Right now, Christianity was growing throughout several nations, Europe specifically. Pagan beliefs were still around during this moment period as well, so the growth of Christian as well as Pagan ideas started to influence works. Pagans had a solid belief in fate, superhuman powers, beasts, as well as nature. In Beowulf, fate started to known as “Wyrd”. Wyrd is the power that things are predestinated, which results in Christianity as well as the ideas that all points are done through God. The combining of Christian as well as Pagan beliefs was much easier to do as a result of the typical principles of good versus wicked. Considering that this tale is created during the time duration where Paganism has been around for a while, Paganism will certainly be the initial idea examined.

The Pagan had a solid idea in people with superhuman capacities or powers allowing them to eliminate beasts and comes to be the heroes they were predestined to be. In Beowulf, they bring much of these Pagan attributes into the story. The tale begins with the knowledge of Grendel, a young dragon, damaging Herot. The magical animal, dragon, has actually always been seen as a sort of extraordinary evil. Beowulf pertains to defeat Grendel since he really feels as if it is his destiny to beat him as well as everything is going to lead him to his destiny. Beowulf possesses strength and also powers that no other human could have. Grendel is eliminated by Beowulf after ending up being caught in his arm lock for so long, verifying Beowulf has unbelievable strength because he had the ability to kill a dragon without his weapon (Puchner 787-789). These aren’t the only principles or examples affecting Beowulf, so the Pagan beliefs shall continue.

The Pagans additionally had a close bond with nature, thinking that the Planet is sacred and must remain spiritual. They started to identify Grendel’s house and where the dragons live, they’re house was destroyed. The Planet was dying on their side as well as the river overruned with blood revealing the disrespect the dragons showed. The story goes on to Beowulf killing Grendel’s mommy as well as finishing with the fatality of Beowulf after fighting the last dragon. He lived for several years even after all of the injuries he ran into after his fights and also took place to become a hero. Heroes are one more component in Pagan society since all warriors intended to bring respect to their names and also die heroes. Beowulf lived his entire life and remained to battle dragons even after he came to be king so he might die the hero he felt like he was meant to be. Christians have the concept of transforming the various other cheek, yet Pagans believe in retribution. When Grendel damaged Herot, individuals desired retribution on him so they brought Beowulf to eliminate him (Sobchack 2-4). While Paganism is such a huge factor in Beowulf, Christianity is a huge factor too.

Beowulf had lots of Pagan components, yet there is a wealth of Christian elements also. In Beowulf, Grendel is contrasted to Cain from the scriptural tale of Cain as well as Abel. They are saying Cain was cursed for killing Abel and currently Grendel is a spawn of Cain. Grendel is thought about a devil and also his house is compared to Heck (Puncher 102-108). When Beowulf goes on to kill Grendel’s mommy, he quits as well as thanks God for providing him the sword to eliminate her (Puchner 1553-1556). God is a consistent component in the tale letting the visitor recognize

Beowulf counts on one God helping him along his means (Helder 1-3). Pagan as well as Christian ideas are different, however they aren’t as different as people may believe.

According to the story, the dragons are here as a result of the wrongs of Cain for eliminating Abel. The whole story focuses on a Christian element because of the participation of God however the story is advanced by Pagan elements. The Pagan components adds details allowing the viewers to end up being more in contact with the moment period, while recognizing what is transforming at the time. The Christian and Pagan components both reveal the belief of great versus wicked. They believe that wickedness will always come back and attempt to eliminate great, yet ultimately goodwill always conquer evil. In the holy bible and also Beowulf, the stories have their very own inner fights that produce the concept of one holding true or a hero. As the tale ends, the viewers is able to recognize the mix of the Christian and also Pagan aspects is what makes the tale as interesting as it is today.

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