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Analyzing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s The Patriarchal Society From A Female Perspective


Mary Shelley’s Monster, written in the 19th century tells the tale of a monster developed by Victor Monster that is deserted at birth. When analyzing this book from the lens of a feminist literary point of view, we can clearly review just how the book shows us the issues that would besieged a Patriarchal culture.

To review this lens initially we have to examine this concept in these flows by first setting the scene of traditional sex roles, and representing a monster as a woman. This symbolism allows sensations that the women would usually repress to come out in darker and also extra malignant types and also reveals us how repression of the power of women can result in negative consequences.

From the very first passage it is clear that there is a scene established for a traditional sex stereotyped setting, seen throughout lots of various other scenes in the book. It demonstrates how the “young women arranged the home as well as prepared the food” and then broach how the “boy was regularly employed out of doors.” Laying out the scene this way shows us standard sex functions concerning what the women did as well as the man did, and the suggestion that the lady was occupied with “different tiresome occupations” highlights this concept. The summary with the word laborious emphasizes that the guy does less complicated jobs while the women are compelled to function. This typical patriarchal culture is additionally emphasized throughout the passage in which it shows “the old male” who “used his recreation hrs. in contemplation.” This man is the very symbol of a patriarchal society and the fact that the ladies must do in the direction of him “every little workplace of affection as well as task” initially reveals us a patriarchal culture.

Initially if we reviewed the beast as a representation of ladies, we see exactly how the patriarchy can inevitably teem with issues. In Chapter 16, we see the monster as a representation of ladies act like “a wild monster” as he “bore a hell” and started “destroying the objects” around him. The monster comes to be an “arch-fiend” and also as a females mentions that he discovers himself “offered consolation.” Having a mother that was an essential feminist writer who urged ladies to believe for themselves would have affected Shelley to reveal that the suppression of females in a patriarchal culture, ultimately causes an “arch-fiend” with the women anger which comes out in even more deadly types. Throughout Monster we can see that this coincides message throughout the story. In this period there was a party of nature and also Monster’s usurpation of the women rights by not producing a female beast, results in fatalities of several consisting of Henry Clerval, Victor’s best friend.

Furthermore, we as an audience can see that via religious analogies that a patriarchal culture, will ultimately bring about a degradation of women principles in a culture. If we continue to read the beast as a representation of ladies in a Patriarchy, after that we can see that a problem in a patriarchy is the resulting nature of females as “bitter.” We see that the monster begins to prefer Satan, as he specifies that he “taken into consideration Satan as the trimmer emblem” as well as via this we see that a patriarchal culture enables those to connect to the darker components of their soul rather than their precepts. He likewise broaches how God “was an ideal creature” due to “the specific care of his Creator.” A famous motif throughout the book is the idea that Monster is the lack of maternal feelings that men have for their children and their succeeding abandonment and this monster talking of how his father deserted him while God is unrelatable and also took care of shows us that a patriarchal society pushes females to darker sides of their principles.

“Frankenstein’s beast can be reviewed as depiction of the experience of marginalisation and injustice of females in the 19C. The identification of the beast with Satan from Paradise Lost’ can be taken females’s desire for a political voice as well as social change.”

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