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Annotated Bibliography: The Great Gatsby


Annotated Bibliography: The Fantastic Gatsby

Keyara Curry-Sims February 25th, 2013 Annotated Bibliography: The Wonderful Gatsby “Motifs and Construction: The Terrific Gatsby.” DISCOVERING Novels. Detroit: Wind, 2003. Student Resources In Context. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. Paper URL http://ic. galegroup. com/ic/suic/ ReferenceDetailsPage/ReferenceDetailsWindow? query=&& prodId=SUIC & displayGroupName=&Recommendation & limiter=&& source=& disableHighlighting=true & displayGroups=&& sortBy=& search_within_results=& action=2 & catId=& activityType=& documentId=WINDSTORM %7CEJ2111500026 & userGroupName=coll19000 & jsid=f4aa08b212136828fe519eb23304d24f Based on the article”Themes and also Building” Gatsby himself represents the American dream. Although this may cling some, I have a various assumption of this claim. Gatsby stands for the flaws of the American desire. The American dream is that of wide range as well as joy. Everyone wants a million dollar home, drive a luxurious auto, as well as be surrounded by people that live life in the rapid lane too.

To see the life of American Dream also, it likewise contains a stay at house mommy with a well working dad as well as flourishing and also effective kids. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby himself lives his life in deluxe, with his house, car, and close friends. He does not have the dream of having a family. He does not have Sissy, which is profound to be the love of his life. He shed her a score back as well as she had a youngster with an additional male, who was abundant when he wasn’t, so no, Gatsby does not hypothetically represent the American desire.

Gross, Barry. “‘Our Gatsby, Our Nick’.” Uncovering Writers. Detroit: Gale, 2003. Student Resources In Context. Internet. 20 Feb. 2013. File URL http://ic. galegroup. com/ic/suic/ ReferenceDetailsPage/ReferenceDetailsWindow? inquiry=&& prodId=SUIC & displayGroupName=Recommendation&& limiter=&& source=& disableHighlighting=true & displayGroups=& sortBy=&& search_within_results=&& action=&2 & catId=& activityType=& documentId=WIND%7CEJ2101203603&& userGroupName=coll19000&& jsid=6651ff3e1a98e052a68c4b41abd5a690

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