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Antigone Essay


Bear in mind those individuals that always thought they were right, as well as they constantly ended up in trouble for it? I Sophocles’ play Antigone, the major characters Antigone and Creon show how being so hubris can be tragic to your life. Hold up in ancient Greece an impressive fight takes place and also siblings wind up eliminating each other. One was enabled a proper funeral, yet Polyinesis was not. Antigone really felt dissatisfied by this and also decided to hide them yet Creon the newly appointed king did dislike the regulation splitting.

Because of the fact that Antigone as well as creon displayed extreme pride, their lives were spoiled.

Antigone’s conceit and also brashness inevitably led to her fatality. For example, on Creon’s initial day as king he made a decree that nobody must hide Polyneisis body. When Antigone heard this, she went to Ismene and requested for her help; yet Ismene declined and also called her a criminal. Antigone still disagreed, “Yet I will certainly hide him; as well as if I have to die, I claim that this crime is divine; I will rest with him in fatality”(673,55-57) This proved that Antigone was arrogant and also she was kind of stating that all her incorrect behaviors are “holy”; she is referring to herself as constantly being right. This influenced her though distorting her view on life.

Along with her debate with Ismene, Antigone after that was caught in the act of hiding Polyniesis and was generated as well as wondered about by Creon. “And also you Antigone, with your head hanging– do you admit this point”(679, 53) When Antigone didn’t refute her criminal activity and flaunted to the king and also the seniors, It verifies just how egotistical that she is. If she would certainly have not been so arrogant I doubt that Croen would certainly have been so rough to Antigone. Moreover, Creon after that calls in Ismene to protest versus her criminal offense too. Creon began o think that she assisted Antigone to plot against him.

Ismene after that existed as well as stated she did aid to Antigone’s shock. Antigone end up being outraged and rejected her hand in the deed. Ismene is displeased in antigone’s punishment, “Do you refuse me, Antigone? I intend to die with you; I also have a task that I must release to the dead”(681, 138). Antigone was after that enraged additionally and rebelled against Ismene, “You shall not minimize my death by sharing it”(681, 139) Antigone is showing self focused and also concided she was. She thought that she was so crucial because she did the appropriate point by the gods that no one ought to die other than her due to the fact that she was special.

Nonetheless, Antigone was not the only significant character with this problem. This proves just how conceit can truly damage anybody’s life just like it did to Antigone and Creons’. Satisfaction and the extra of it played a huge duty in this play, being the terrible flaw of both major personalities; conceit is not only a huge part of this play however likewise our background, there will certainly constantly be individuals who can never ever be wrong. Many individuals are much like Creon as well as Antigone, Always assuming they are right. Is your life headed for a destiny just like Antigone’s plot?

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