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Antigone Letter Essay


Precious Antigone, You are my sis. evidently the gods indicate absolutely nothing to you. I recognize that our sibling must deserve to a respectable funeral, as well as you and also I will hide our sibling with honor. Think of it Antigone, our sibling’s spirit will never be able to relax in tranquility, unless we do something. I understand you not being sure about this via the rate that Creon will sentence us, but for our sibling not to bury him would certainly be a disgrace.

Our family members has been though a lot misery. Oedipus’ curse of the gods has made it so our household does not bare an opportunity, for we shall have no one left to live for. Perhaps, maybe simply possibly, we as one could speak to Creon on his part. Although, what can one do, Creon shall not give up, consequently we must do this on our very own. Antigone, this letter that I have actually wrote is not something to require you to transform your mind, for it is to only make you consider a couple of ideas to assist you recognize where I am coming from.

Antigone, you should recognize that it is the best point, and if death is a result, than death is our honor.

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