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Antigone Minor Character Essay


The play Antigone informs the story of among Oedipus’ little girls withstanding the legislation in order to honor her sibling. The story begins after Polyneices and also Eteocles have killed each various other as well as King Creon concerns an order prohibiting the interment of Polyneices. In the beginning Antigone’s sis Ismene is introduced. Ismene while a minor character offers a wonderful objective in the play. In the opening lines of the play a discussion is taking place in between Ismene and Antigone. In lines 14-29 Antigone is informing Ismene of her plan to hide Polyneices even though Creon restricts it.

Ismene informs her “We are only ladies; We can not combat with guys … We should give in to the law”. Ismene’s refusal as well as concern of breaking the regulation serves to emphasize Antigone’s stubbornness and also hardheadedness.

In scene 2 when Ismene attempts to take partial blame for the funeral of Polyneices, Antigone declines her. This shows Antigone’s pride for her activities as well as her protectiveness and commitment to her family members. Ismene is consisted of to act as an aluminum foil to Antigone’s personality. Where Ismene not included in the play, the play would certainly not have such a fantastic result. Ismene stands for the ordinary females in this Greek culture. Had her character not been presented the visitor would think that all females in that society were as hardheaded and also persistent as Antigone. If Antigone would certainly have stood for the ordinary woman the theme of commitment to family members would be lost.

With out the beginning Ismene refers back to the fact that they are simply ladies and have no power against the laws or what is done regarding them. In scene 2 Creon is encouraged that it was a guy who buried Polyneices and not a woman this offers to confirm the sex functions in Greek culture. Ismene’s reluctant, reluctant, and hesitant behavior is common of a woman of that society since nevertheless they had no rights as well as were treated as building. To conclude Ismene while a minor personality serves the role of a foil to Antigone by stressing Antigone’s hardheaded stubbornness. She is included to demonstrate how typical females in Greek culture acted and also what they believed. If it weren’t for Ismene a number of motifs in the story would certainly not appear.

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