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Assessment of Malvolio in Twelfth Night


When he talks to Cereals (aka Viola) he says “And one more thing that you never ever be so hardy to come here again.” This reveals us that although he aims to be as “Puritanical” as possible, there are some things that he does have special sensations for and, In turn, these help us associate with him and comprehend his actions during the play. However, that truth can be analyzed rather in a different way and expose a darker side to Million.

Additionally, far from being the devoted and protective servant he can be viewed as a sycophantic, lustful individual who acts entirely out of greed and his desire for power. An example of this Is “Her madam at your service”, as this reveals his sycophantic nature and his craving to be closer to Olav. As you advance through the play this starts to become more dominant and causes Maillot’s lecherous habits. This is made use of by Maria’s letter, which plays on Maillot’s imagination. He is overheard envisioning various dreams such as “l come from a day bed, where I left Olav sleeping”

This leads him to developing an overindulged ego and he becomes “too big for his own boots”. Consequently he does not understand his place and has a superiority complex. This makes him undesirable with both his masters and fellow servants. When the technique is played on him by Maria he is “blinded by self love” and is foolhardy and so he is a simple target for the prank. Another among his bad qualities Is his tendency to take the tiniest thing too far and make it a million times worse. This quality appears to take root in the reality that the can be over zealous in his tasks for Olivia.

An example of this is when he tells Toby to stop ranking and get to bed when it is actually none of his organisation. This leads to Toby, Maria and Fabian formulating a prepare for revenge (the trick), which causes Maillot’s death. Mad”) and rather negative (“till the discomforts of death take him”) towards others. I believe that Shakespeare selects to overemphasize Maillot’s actions and feelings in order to make us make fun of him swell as suggesting to the reader that lots of Puritans are die-hard killjoys. This is due to the truth that they want to close play houses, which, as Shakespeare was a playwright, was his life and income.

However, at the exact same time, he shows us that although Puritans try to appear nearly inhuman, there is a different side to them, which is revealed to us through Million. The side in concern regards the reality that they can have fun and that they do have feelings for other people around them. They are human and they can do all the important things we can do like feel discomfort, sorrow, regret and humiliation in addition to love, hope and love. The evidence for this is presented when Sir Topaz psychologically shocked and embarrasses Million. He does this by making Million think that he seethes and doubt his own peace of mind.

This leaves Million troubled and in a wretched state, as would anybody else who was subjected to what Million was brought to think. For Million these emotions continue to escalate up until ultimately they reach a climax throughout the ending scene of Twelfth Night when he is sent away dejected and unwanted by Olivia. This scene raises our sympathy towards Million, which ultimately leads to increased dislike when instead of accepting Toby, Maria and Fabian apologies he swears revenge on them all. Through out Twelfth Night our view and sensations for Million are continuously altering due to the complex plot and character interactions.

At times we can feel considerate towards him, but prior to the effect of these brand-new born feelings can sink in, he has done something bad and our views alter as soon as again. This makes it difficult to Judge Maillot’s character. Nevertheless, in general, I think he is a bad guy. This is due to the fact that he has possibilities to forgive and forget however drags little things on and makes them worse. This is reflected in the ending as it ends with Million leaving Olive’s Estate Vowing vengeance on all who populate it. Although I believe he is penalized rather badly I think ultimately he gets what deserves in the kind of humbling humiliation. By Curran Doyle

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