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Attitudes Towards Death in “The Lottery” and Death Knocks


Mindsets Towards Death in “The Lottery game” and Death Knocks “The Lottery Game” and Death Knocks are two stories that generally deal with death. “The Lottery game” is about a small town that holds a lottery game every year where the winner of the lottery game is stoned to death by the remainder of the town. In Death Knocks, death sees a guy called Nat and tells him it is struck time to go.

Nat plays death in a video game of gin rummy where he wins so death has to offer him another day to live.

The attitudes towards death in these two stories are mainly rather various, however there are a few things that are comparable. Death Knocks has a more sensible view of death since in “The Lotto” the towns individuals act as if being picked to die for no reason is not a big deal. Death Knocks and “The Lotto” have extremely various attitudes towards death. In Death Knocks, when Nat is informed that he is going to die he says that he is not ready. Nat indicates that he is not ready to die.

In “The Lotto” the whole town acts as though being chosen to die is simply another part of their daily lives. The townspeople act as if the lottery is not a huge offer. They all speak with each other and act calmly, then when the winner is picked they continue with the stoning without thinking twice. In Death Knocks Nat mentions that he has a better half and he wants to talk to her. In “The Lottery” Bill Hutchinson does not be reluctant at all to mention that his better half is the one that won the lottery. This reveals that the attitude towards death of spouses is completely various.

In Death Knocks Nat appreciates his spouse however in “The Lottery Game” Bill Hutchinson acts as if his better half passing away is no big offer. There aren’t very many resemblances in these two stories however if looked at carefully one little resemblance can be discovered. When Nat is told he is going to die he says he is not all set. In “The Lottery” it seems as though everybody is okay with passing away. Nevertheless when it boils down to it and Mrs. Hutchinson is about to be stoned she states “it isn’t reasonable”. This reveals that deep down she really does wish to live.

Just like Nat in Death Knocks. Both “The Lotto” and Death Knocks have very different attitudes towards death however Death Knocks is a more practical mindset. In “The Lottery game” the town handles death practically as if it is a video game. For no factor someone is picked to be killed. In Death Knocks Nat does not wish to die, right from the very start of the story. In today’s society there is no way that people being eliminated for no factor would ever be endured or accepted. This is why Death Knocks has a more reasonable attitude towards death.

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