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Author’s Purpose in Fahrenheit 451


Author’s Purpose in Fahrenheit 451

Author’s Function Essay In both Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and our world today, the government utilizes censorship to manage the ideas and actions of the people. Censorship is extremely immoral and awful for humanity. Censorship keeps individuals in the dark about the government and its happenings, and does not enable totally free thinking and reasoning for oneself since of the lack of info to come to a choice using one’s finest judgment. The censorship explained by Ray Bradbury in a futuristic world is not far off from some of the examples of censorship we see in today’s world.

When the federal government censors details from the general public and controls what people understand or do not understand about the government’s activities, it creates ignorance. Since of censorship, individuals do not have the details they need to make informed choices about who they are going to elect and why. In Fahrenheit 451, Mrs. Bowles states, “I voted last election, same as everybody, and I laid it on the line for President Noble. I believe he is among the best looking men ever to become president” (Page 96).

Bowles is saying that she elected a male simply since of his looks, instead of on his strategies of how he is going to run the country. There is extremely little rationale because this male is going to be running the nation, and all individuals care about is what he looks like. The reason the population does this is due to the fact that the government censors out all the info, beliefs, and positions on political views so individuals do not understand any much better. The government censors out political concepts in the book since they want to manage the information that gets to the public.

Captain Beatty says to Montag, “If you do not desire a guy dissatisfied politically, do not offer him 2 sides to a question to stress him; offer him one. Even better, provide him none” (Page 61). Beatty is informing Montag that individuals are happier when they do not have to fret or think of a problem, so by not giving them any information, it is much better for them. Then there will be no combating amongst political parties. Individuals are easier to manage when they just understand the info the federal government wants them to understand.

One can see this in today’s world by specific websites that prefer either Democratic or Republican celebrations, revealing news that benefits that specific party. Likewise, there are articles written in the newspaper and programs on television and radio that give details that favors one celebration over another. Censorship about the federal government is extremely hazardous to a country and its political affairs. When the federal government offers individuals just the info it wants them to know to control how they think, it makes it hard for individuals to make decisions about anything since they forget how to believe on their own.

While speaking to Montag, Beatty says, “Cram them the people filled with noncombustible information, chock them so damned loaded with ‘facts’ they feel packed … Then they’ll seem like they’re believing” (Page 61). Beatty is saying that to make individuals seem like they are finding out and believing, make them discover useless truths about nothing. Individuals will be so engaged about things like just how much corn Iowa produces in one year that they will not actually do any thinking or decision making about what the government is doing. The government will get to continue to do whatever it desires without anyone questioning them.

This is still in the world today in the kind of game or trivia shows. We glorify programs like “Survivor” and “Shark Tank” and enjoy them on TELEVISION with the opportunity of the entrant winning a great deal of cash. Yet, the questions are constantly basic, black and white. There is no considering what the federal government is doing or any political concerns, simply on what the contestant needs to do to win money. A little later in the talk with Beatty and Montag, Beatty states, “Don’t provide any slippery stuff like approach or sociology to connect things up with.” (Page 61).

What Beatty is explaining is that approach and sociology are complex and dicey topics. He is right; they are really complex and complex, and everybody has a different opinion. What he is incorrect about is that he is informing Montag that they are wicked and bring sadness. Approach and sociology promote thinking and questioning the world around oneself, something the government does not like people doing. When individuals begin asking questions and thinking of political concerns, the government has a much more difficult time managing people and doing whatever it desires.

The government still does this today to a level. The core classes in school are math, reading, writing, science, and history. None of those consist of philosophy or sociology. To be reasonable, people can still take approach or sociology, they are just less typical and not as crucial to the federal government as math, reading, composing, science, and history are. If the federal government censors out all the important details and simply provides the people ineffective ‘facts’, then individuals will be unfit to make their own choices about life and other crucial locations. In conclusion, censorship is very corrupt and abysmal for society.

The 2 big factors are absence of information about one’s own federal government, and censorship does not enable one to believe for oneself and come up with answers to life’s considerable concerns. These questions can not be responded to with the names of the state capitals or the lyrics to a popular song. They can only be addressed with approach and sociology, subjects that really make people believe. If the government censors what details gets out to the general public, the public remains oblivious and the government has control over all the decisions that are made.

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